This particular blog answers those questions that people on occasions fear to ask. Some feel that it may give something of themselves away rather than an intellectual question.

However, these are important questions and when answered by the likes of Silver Birch have the great authority and compulsion that only the truth can.

GREED AND POWER: Do they exist in the afterlife dimension?

“Greed and power still exist in what may be called the lower astral spheres. What you must realise is that spiritually an individual is exactly the same one day after death as he was before it. Our world, unlike yours, is one where thought is reality. What you think is real and substantial. The trouble is that lust for power and greed chain them to earth. Though materially dead, they are spiritually dead as well. They are nearer to your world than they are to us. Unfortunately they can harm those like themselves in your world who are concerned only with greed and power.” (S. Birch)

QUESTION: Do all people on crossing over accept that they have died and are in the afterlife? Dan S. Santa Monica, U.S.

Mons Hugh Benson, directly from the afterlife, “There is a surprising number of people who do not realise that they have passed from the earth in the death of the physical body. Resolutely they will not believe that they are what the earth would call “dead’. They are dimly aware that some sort of change has taken place, but what that change is they are not prepared to say. Some, after a little explanation and even demonstration, can grasp what has actually happened; others are stubborn, and will be convinced only after prolonged reasoning. In the latter case, we are often times obliged to leave such a soul for a while to allow a little quiet contemplation to work its way” ( through medium Anthony Borgia)