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GREATEST EVER VIDEO ON EVP- CALLING EARTHCongratulations to Tim Coleman and Dan Drasin for this wonderful video on EVP and ITC- perhaps the best yet available. It’s still not finished- this is part 1-9 of 11. Dan hopes to have Part 10 on visual ITC finished in a few months. Lovely to see German physicist and ITC pioneer Dr. Ernst Senkowski at 11min 30 sec, Tom and LIsa Butler at 12min 55 and Alexander MacRae at 20min 51. Please note that it is produced for free, educational viewing only. Read more about ITC.

EVP is “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” ITC is “Instrumental Trans-Communication”

If you have any doubt at all that communication between the so called dead – who are more alive than we are, and us as “The living” then you need to see this.

If you know – I use that advisedly, because for me I do not “Believe” I know, then you will find this an enlightening confirmation of all we understand.

For those who are sceptic understand this…. Historically, closed-minded skeptics have opposed every invention and discovery and have made fools of themselves:

• Sir William Preece former chief engineer of Britain’s Post Office will be remembered for making one of the most ‘idiotic’ comments in history about Edison’s inventions. Sir William stated that Edison’s lamp (parallel circuit) was a ‘completely idiotic idea’!

• Professors, including Professor Henry Morton who knew Edison, stated, immediately before Edison demonstrated the electric light globe: ‘On behalf of science … Edison’s experiments are a … fraud upon the public.’

• The Scientific American, The New York Times, The New York Herald, the U.S. Army, academics — including Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy Simon Newcomb from John Hopkins University— and many other American scientists all heaped derision, ridicule and denigration onto the Wright brothers claiming that it was: ‘scientifically impossible for machines to fly’!

• One of the leading scientists from the French Academy of Sciences stated that hypnosis is a fraud and stated after seeing a hypnotized subject with a four inch needle in the top of his arm: ‘This subject has been paid for not showing he’s in pain’.

• Another scientist from the French Academy of Sciences, after listening to a record made by Edison, stated: ‘… clearly that is a case of ventriloquism’!

• John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, was attacked by closed-minded skeptics who stated it was: ‘absolute rubbish that television waves could produce a picture!

There are hundreds of other examples of how closed-minded skeptics refused to believe anything which was not consistent with their own entrenched cherished beliefs and their five senses. The above examples were taken from a most powerful book by Richard Milton called FORBIDDEN SCIENCE – SUPPRESSED RESEARCH THAT COULD CHANGE OUR LIVES

The above Copied from the Skeptics Debunked link.

The inspiration for the invention of TV came from Spirit….. It was for ITC, so we could talk and see Spirit….

Sadly for commercial reasons this was corrupted…. however we have TV today to thank for it and the type of communication we now all understand, TV, Radio and phones and of course computers and the web. So, in a roundabout way we can hear and experience ITC though it has come to us at a tangent. Always, Spirit will win through…

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