Had a great interview today with Psychic Shelly. This St Patrick’s day 17/3/2015 I had the privilege of interviewing Shelly and both of us doing readings with callers, Shelly gave some insights into her life and the way she has dealt with, and still deals with, the loss of her Partner Mike.

The loss of a loved one will affect us all at one time or another and mediums are no different in that respect. The fact we may have a slightly closer conscious connection with spirit on a day to day basis does not mean we feel less or are able to cope differently with loss.

Many do not realise that we, despite our abilities, are not saved from “day to day” incidences, we like all others, have lessons to learn and funnily enough, it tends to get hidden from us so we have to deal with it.

Sceptics of course do find that funny! But we have to walk into walls too!

I recounted something that had happened to me concerning a cousin of mine and the “French Student Murders” and a reporter Ben Ando who, in finding out that I was a medium, made the very cruel remark “What and you didn’t see this coming?” it shows the level of the man and did not justify any remark from me, I would not be drawn down to his level, I only hope that he is proud of his attitude and remark and that something like that never happens to his family and that someone is more considerate of his situation if it should.

Anyway that is that.

Enjoy the program, as always you can download any program from the archive from the very first a year ago.

Light to all, Leo.