Good Mediums don’t ask questions. I am a firm believer in not asking questions during a reading whether this is a demonstration, phone or private reading. I try to teach my students the same way though all are individuals. That is not to say I never ask questions, of course there are occasions. Personally I always say, I don’t want ANY INFORMATION from you, you can just answer yes or no. when you come to me, it is you who needs answers, not me. What people sometimes forget is that though the communication is with someone that is passed over, in heaven or whatever we (the lay person) imagine it to be, that person will always come through substantially unchanged unless of course it is for teaching purposes or other special situation. The reason for the communicator to take on their old traits, old ways if you like is for the purpose of recognition. When we pass over we tend to grow to our “optimum age” and optimum abilities, as a starting point. There are of course exceptions however it would be around the ages of 20 – 30. However you must consider the point of an aged relative recently passed who would never be accepted as a 30 year old and so they have to reform as it were to not only your perception of them as you knew them but also with the same frailties. It follows naturally then that they are not suddenly “the font of all knowledge” and therefore as they would in life they sometimes make mistakes. Should they have been talking to you on earth you would accept it as you always had done that “granny was always like that” the fact she comes through a medium and makes the same type of mistakes lends to me a semblance of reassurance it is the same person. Mediumship works through many levels and we should apply some of those levels as the paragraph above suggests, as we would in normal life. If granny in normal life suddenly becomes the font of all knowledge we would probably be rightfully concerned. The whole purpose of communication is for the message of eternal life to be passed on to those in this world, not the next. To have a proof of life, which I give daily, the person coming through must not only have a knowledge of what is going on around you that I could not normally in any sense have knowledge of, but it must be in a form that the giver would have given in life, in the same way they would have given it, but and this is not always the case, they should be recognisable or at least identifiable to, the recipient. I often have communicators that are in themselves not immediately recognisable however, the proof they give is exact, and the circumstances of the situations are. Further proof therefore is required by the recipient where they have to do some work themselves. This proof comes in the form of research where they track down the communicator through family or friends. What more proof could you ask for than a friend or neighbour of Grannies, that you never knew existed, nor immediate family, that turns out to be real and their own circumstances real and that they are helping to watch over you? That is why I do not worry if a person is not at first recognisable, the proof sometimes comes back with your own memory, or someone else’s or through research. Skeptics sometimes use the ridiculous fall back position when confronted by evidence that we have “read the persons mind” absolutely laughable by their own standards, yet if it were never in their (recipients) minds how could a medium have come across such information if not by Spirit? It is a process by which I readily admit when you consider what has to be gone through and the conditions have to be perfect (how many scientists would permit such an onslaught of conditions as to skew the very experiment they want to prove?) that it ever happens to work at all. When you consider the frailties that affect us all especially with memory the fact that Granny makes mistakes is what makes Granny, Granny. No one expects her to be Einstein overnight. The context of the message and the context of who the person was, and to a great extent is, must also be considered. As for me? Well I am and always will be… Just a messenger.