Darcy Panak reviewed Leo Bonomo Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic – 5 star4 mins ·

I have called in to Paramania Radio 3 or 4 times. Leo is very patient, kind and humorous! My Grandmother came through the last time and had Leo and I in stitches! It was so much fun. I just love Leo and highly recommend him.

Oh bless you Darcy! I never remember readings (I have my own things to worry about!!!) lol, but sometimes I do remember laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. Darcy, your grandmother was with me for about 20 mins after the show and I was wetting myself laughing. I know it sounds strange not to remember things…

In case anyone is interested in readings… Here is what I say, not only because different mediums work differently BUT, I don’t think mediums should ask questions! Those in spirit know what concerns you, and they know why you have called. If “mediums” ask questions then you should be asking yourself “why?” The general standard of mediumship has fallen greatly, if you want proper communication then find a medium who works correctly, there are some great mediums out there.

So this is what you will hear me say at the start of a reading “I don’t want any information from you at all. You can if you want to just answer yes or know. If you don’t understand anything then tell me because it helps to strengthen the link. Then, if you have subsequent questions (arising from what was said) then ask.”

I always encourage questions whether its from the platform or not. My students do too but I know the greater percentage of mediums don’t allow this or are not trained to do this. There is or should be no fear because if the link is strong then the answers appear from those communicators.

Light to all always, Leo.