Reitas PicChild Crying

Some friends were posing for pictures interestingly, the little girl in the picture became very distressed and did not want her picture taken…. when asked why she replied that “the child was frightening her!”

Reitas Pic

Can you spot the child in this picture above?

Reitas Pic close up

Spot the faces, have I outlined them all? There are at least two more.This Picture has been cleaned up a little and you can see that it has the effect of “blurring” the ghost images.

Here is below another wonderful picture.
Taken by a friend of someone in the circle. This is what was said “It was taken at Enfield cinema, she was surprised to see a girl in the corner as their was no one standing there.”

It is a very clear image the girl is standing just behind an advertisement stand advertising the film “Walle” and you can see it part obscures her. Quite a stunning picture.

taken at Enfield cinema