I had the most wonderful weekend this weekend – 31st October 2015. On Saturday I spent the majority of the day day down at Valentines Mansions, doing some readings there.

Saturday evening I went down to Swindon to a secret location on a ghost hunt. Well… I have been on some, but this was extraordinary!

Not only were ghosts seen but in many cases everyone of the 18 people saw them at the same time, they were in many cases quite solid and following people around. At one point there was a spirit in a control tower and a brilliant picture was taken of him.

The other extraordinary thing was too that with the equipment taken figures were photographed and some pictures were spectacular, images were captured on infrared and a “Ghost box” which went mad at one point as we came back to it.

Many of the group had pictures of all kinds of phenomena including orbs whizzing around. I have been on a few ghost hunts but I have to say that this was spectacular! There was also a voice box which had a spirit, quite irreverent talking through it.

It is a very active place, a throughly enjoyable evening/night was had by all, some were new and left quite awe inspired.As far as I am concerned it is a wonderful experience not only of “that side of life”  but if that kind of experience.

I haven’t  seen a “ghost” for a long time and this was a most wonderful experience.

A big thank you goes out to Samantha and the “into the light” ghost hunters. It is a private site so we can’t show any pictures I’m afraid but it was a privilege to be there.

Light to all, always.