I am often asked not only about the best books I can recommend but also those that are free and available for example on Kindle etc, well for anyone interested  the link below will bring you to some of the greatest  free books on spiritualism that have ever been written.

From Madam Blatavski and  William Barrett to Woolstenholm and Yost from Achad, Frater.

Here is the link CLICK Just to get you going here is one that is quite rare but so intriguing it is mentioned in one of my own books.

My new book shortly to be published is called “A Book of Thoughts” and is a set of inspired, channeled writings many in poem form others are just observations from spirit on various subjects. A “Book of thoughts” is to be given free or a nominal value when it is published. To purchase was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist for a nominal price Click here.

I found many years later on this subject. It is entitled:

Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?

By Nettie Colburn Maynard

First Published in 1917

Wasl abraham Lincoln a spiritualist 1Wasl abraham Lincoln a spiritualist 2