Today mountains of experimental data are being ignored and rejected by orthodox science: subjects as controversial as cold fusion; psychokinesis; ESP alternative medicine and so many others.

Richard Milton exposes these taboo areas of scientific experimentation, showing how findings that threaten scientific orthodoxy are systematically misrepresented, ridiculed, and starved of funding.

I have just bought and am reading this wonderful work. For those who know that so much is hidden from us as we surely know that mediumship and all its allies are ridiculed  by a army – although it growing weaker by the day, of sceptics; scientists; media; and religions bent on hiding the truth (though an avalanche is building) and their own failings in right thinking, ego being a driving force for the fact that so many have spent years effectively on completely the wrong path and have gained, laughingly, much merit for it in the form of Noble prizes etc, and how do you back track on that? And as such have ego’s firmly in hand in defence of their life’s work.

So much can and should have been done and human kind is severely the worse of for it. Just think of the cost not only of the fuels themselves, gas, electricity, atomic fuels etc, etc, but the cost of cleaning, storing and eventually having to stabilise, and dispose of the remnants.

Tesla invented the “Tesla coil” it generates electricity, free, out of the air and there are no side effects or problems. There are photographs of him under millions of volts of harmless electricity calmly reading a paper! Electricity is free, completely abundant and universal. Why then is it not being used? Because man wants to earn from it, tax it and have control of it to have control over others and other countries. Whilst the information on Tesla is freely availed don’t you find it strange that this unique invention itself bearing in mind all the arguments for safe effective and cost effective energy is so high on the agenda today? Why are we wasting so much on “Wind turbines” and new technology billions in fact when there is no need?

Should you have the slightest interest in this particular subject or the other things that science hides, then you will do no worse than buy and read this work of brilliance.


Light, always, Leo.