Finally Jack the ripper is named!

Ghastly murder in the East End Dreadful mutilation of a woman.

After considerable time effort and money Jack the ripper has finally been named on this morning’s BBC news.

DNA of one of the victims and the perpetrator have been matched “100%”

So there is no leeway for mistakes.

The name has been known by the owner of a scarf (bought at auction) and the DNA expert since February 2014 and has just been released this morning.

What would be the “fate” of Jack the Ripper” in the afterlife? What are the implications for us all?

“The Juwes are not the men that will be blamed for nothing.”

It should be noted that different police officers later recalled slightly different versions of the graffito, but is seems that the Ripper was trying to throw off the scent in a double bluff his pursuers.

This statement was meant either to relieve or exacerbate the tension that surrounded the area at the time because Jews were as at other times in history, being blamed for all kinds of things but were being targeted by hostilities due to the murders in Whitechapel.

Clever? Or just an open admission? An admission anticipating the anarchy of a backlash once his identity and ancestry had been discovered? Can we imagine what the repercussions of this might have been for our history?

Thankfully it has not happened and so we are all spared the repercussions and today the effect is greatly lessened.

Both the living relatives of both the victim and the Ripper have been contacted and the living relatives of “Jack the Ripper” are now being understandably protected. I hope and trust that no intrusive news hound unearths the relatives for purely exploitative reasons. The living relatives should be afforded the peace after all this time.

Will a new film now be made? It seems it is quite likely, how will it be portrayed, if typically of the style of Hollywood and of course it is the most famous set of murders ever in all the gruesome details, it could be a bloodbath in more ways than one.

Below the Ripper is named, as conformed by this mornings revelation and Links are inserted in the post.

The person named is Aaron Kosminski.

A Polish Jew, a cobbler and mentally insane confined to a mental institution around March 1889. It is supposed he passed away there although there is some confirmation that he actually passed away in 1919.

More fascinating information can be sought here. A picture of the Ripper now absolutely confirmed as Aaron Kosminski can be perused here.

So, what of him in the afterlife? From what we know from all kinds of reputable sources Silver Birch and many others and including my own experiences since the age of two years old we know that the mentally insane are not blamed for what they do.

They are helped with considerable sympathy to understand what has happened and to come to terms with it. They would have to confront those whom they harmed and both parties would have to reconcile in time. Please the great creator they have and all their relatives too.

And what of the other side of the coin? What if he had not been insane? Well the story would be very different, he would – as we all do, be judging himself. No one judges us… He would find himself in a world of like minded people and this is where we get our idea of hell from.

It is said that he was a feeble minded imbecile, who was admitted to Colney Hatch Asylum in February 1891, but who had begun displaying signs of insanity at some stage in the late 1880’s. He believed that a higher power spoke to him, and controlled his actions, and claimed to know the movements of all mankind. He refused to wash and would not accept food from others, preferring instead to eat from the gutter.

Schizophrenic, delusional, paranoid and incoherent are all characteristics displayed by Aaron Kosminski. As we know and this has been discussed in depth in various blogs here, that spirit interference is mostly misunderstood apart from a few and those who have direct contact with spirit and direct experience of this form too that it is not only possible but directly linked to it look at pages here. Dangers of the Ouija Board, and the exemplary work of Dr Carl Wickland.

At some point when a glimmer of light can be sensed by that soul he would be helped to rise higher, to understand what he has done and the infinite repercussions of it and of course to see that apologies and asking for forgiveness is the only way forwards. How long may this take you may ask? Well, there is no time in spirit it is only our conscious awareness of our creation of time that reality exists so in that aspect time is of no consequence but in “Earth time” it could take many hundreds of years or even thousands of years for the reality and acceptance to begin to filter through… Food for thought indeed but then if Aaron Kosminsky can be forgiven (on the basis he was sane) then surely there is hope for everyone?


Light all, always, Leo Bonomo.