Jeanette Meek died in the spring of 1990, and George soon received a letter from her, via computer, which she had sent from her new home in the spirit worlds.

Jeanette sent George a picture of herself from her world in spirit.

This picture is one that Jeanette Meek sent to her husband George via Timestream the station from spirit to earth.

The letter was sent to our world by the Timestream spirit group, a collaboration of hundreds of dedicated people in spirit working hard to open communication channels with the Earth, and they delivered it through the Harsch-Fischbach computer in Luxembourg while George was home in North Carolina.

Jeanette told George she missed him and awaited his arrival in the coming years, but emphasized that there was no hurry. Life there was absolutely beautiful, and she had much to keep her busy. It seemed that she had just arrived, and she was already acting as a guardian angel of kindness for victims of war—men, women and children who were coming across the veil in terror from the Persian Gulf Crisis.

Jeanette’s job was to calm them and get them settled into their new lives. This was not just channelled information; it was the result of objective reports from a woman who had died, then found a way to deliver clear, unfiltered messages to her husband through a computer on Earth.

Within a year, Timestream sent a picture of Jeanette in the higher or subtler reaches of the astral realm. She was posing in a stunning landscape, along with their daughter Nancy Carol, who had died at the age of two weeks and was reunited with Jeanette shortly after Jeanette’s death. Also in the picture was the film producer Hal Roach.

I am not being facetious  when I say that the day when everyone can have this contact with spirit and not need a medium will be the most wonderful ever.

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light all, Leo.