Dear Leo,

I’d be honored if you were to feature my father’s work on your site in this way — thanks for asking. I also wanted to let you know that my publisher just released my father’s previously unpublished book, Your Psychic Potential: A Guide to Psychic Development. If you would like to provide a link to that book so people could learn more about it, here is a link to my new site where it is featured:

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Those who knew Richard Ireland viewed him as possibly the most gifted psychic-medium of the twentieth century.

When people saw his capabilities believers were stunned and non-believers quickly changed their minds. Over the years, some of the most hardened skeptics concluded that Richard Ireland’s abilities were real. Richard’s capacities included Clairvoyance, X-Ray Clairvoyance, Precognition, Spirit Communication, and much more.

Ireland was a man of strong faith but was not satisfied with orthodox explanations. In many ways his life was a journey in which he sought out the great truths, sharing his findings with everyone he encountered. Richard possessed Gifts of the Spirit, referenced by the Apostle Paul in Chapter 12 of his first letter to the Corinthians in the New Testament.

Richard had a huge heart and felt great love for people; using his gifts to help others whenever and wherever possible. Ultimately, Richard’s abilities should be judged on the basis of what he accomplished and the eyewitness accounts of his gifts, which will be documented in a forthcoming biography. Videos of Richard Ireland’s abilities were captured on a 1969 television appearance and can be viewed through the video page of this site. Ultimately, Richard should be remembered for his love of humanity and absolute trust in God.

Richard with Mae West

Richard Ireland led a remarkable life and the extremes of his existence illustrate this fact. Richard experienced both poverty and wealth. He enjoyed the friendship of many and a measure of fame, yet today his name is relatively unknown.

Because of his phenomenal abilities Richard Ireland counselled many celebrities, including film star Mae West. Unfortunately, many of these people are now gone and along with them, their accounts of his remarkable gifts. Fortunately, some accounts have been captured and will be included in several forthcoming books.