As you are well aware I have a great interest in the mental health of those connected to spirit based work and connections. I am privileged to be able to post this on behalf of the organisation below. If you are a healer, medium who recognises the importance of this work and can dispel the many myths that surround this with sound knowledge, then this will be of interest for you and those with whom you come into contact with. Light, always, Leo.

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Practitioners want their clients to be ready for the approach they offer, but also to become informed of supportive adjuncts (e.g. nutrition or meditation) that can expand success. But carving out time in a patient session can be tricky.

Click for a one-pager that gives patients some ‘field tested’ resources. There’s room for you to put your brand and contact information on the page if you wish. Just cut and paste! Hopefully, it will save you some time as you ready clients for your work.

Our best to you, Emma Bragdon, Exec. Director,