There seems to be lately full discussions on whether the person known as Jesus really did exist. In a reply I have given what I sincerely believe. Most mediums recognise that Jesus (Yeshua) was a great medium and healer.

Hi all.

 I believe that a person was very influential in that time, was a medium and healer and that his channelling was the most extraordinary piece of work for that time and possibly of all our lives. Such was the influence that it greatly pained Rome and those who held sway over all its dominions.

 This at the time was very much the  “Feeling” of spirit and what was correct and understood to be correct even if not agreed with. This is why something had to be done about the situation and in failing to subjugate those followers and those followers being willing in the most part to follow into spirit through being thrown to the lions for example (just occurred that this martyrdom is of course used today by terrorists)  showed that the movement created was far more powerful than any had realised and therefore this was (perhaps I overstate) for those times a “Nuclear bomb” being unable to quash this the Romans did what they usually did which was adopt and in the end become the major force of that religion (Roman catholic).

 What this person taught , preached and lived was (although spiritualism has ruined itself I fear) much closer to the  spiritualism we all have become acquainted with. In fact the closest we have today of what this person taught is the Cathars. With good reason they were hunted down and virtually exterminated. Because it was so much closer to spiritualism I need say no more about how opposed the catholic church was to it.

 The movement which we recognise as Catholicism today bears little resemblance to what was taught, it was barsterdised into something that could be used with power not the inward way of worship we know of spirit today. This form gives power to us. Catholicism was designed by man, to rule, and enslave.

 This person never wanted a “Church” this person wanted personal freedom and to show that we can choose whatever we wish to do in life but by those choices we have to understand that there is a form of punishment (we inflict on ourselves) and rewards for these doings. This person taught that life carried on, in Spirit.

 Spirit as we know is within. That can never change but it does not suit the formation of a large organisation, or country or war like nation. Therefore it was adopted and changed- is this what has changed in spiritualism today?

 Who this person may have been, that instigated the rise of spirit, would we ever know for sure? Who can tell.

 But I do know that the person who instigated this has took on the mantle of the works under the name we all recognise in the world of spirit. Jesus. Yeshua, the real name so I understand, whatever we think of him as.

 Light, to all in the name of love… because it’s that, that we all really need. Leo.