Please contact me for details on where the circle is to be held. Please like and share!

This session we will be using Psychometry to connect, you will need to bring a flower with you.

Flower readings operates on the principle that only you would pick that flower, so that flower is extremely personal to you. A flower reading can give a reading from birth up to the present and a short way to the future.

Flower reading like all Psychometry uses a combination of touch, colour and energy and so much more….

The Psychic Development Circle is a comprehensive gathering of skills and information on developing the intuition for spiritual guidance, healing and transformation.

These are held every two weeks. Please note that we will be starting promptly at 7.30 PM so we advise to come anytime after 7 PM. Session will finish at 9.30 pm

£10 per session.

Join us for learning and fun ,grow and develop with activities including

How to protect
Using your intuition
Using psychometry to connect with energies
Meeting your guides
Communicating with spirit

The development circle is led by Leo Bonomo.

Leo is a well respected professional Inspirational clairvoyant medium and psychic with over 30 Years experience

A gold standard accredited member of the ASSMPI – The American Society for standards in Mediumship and psychical Investigation. Leo has been seeing spirit since 1959 and became professional in 2005, reading for clients worldwide, touring New Zealand and Germany.He is a published Author and books are available worldwide on Amazon
Leo also has a weekly slot on ParaMania Radio and regular columnist for Psychic World international Newspaper.