Materialisations witnesses confirm afterlife contact is real.

Taken from Victor Zammits Site.

EARTH SHATTERING EVIDENCE- AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCES MAKE CONTACT. In the video below you will watch five people confirming that their loved ones materialized – ‘became into flesh’ – in one of David Thompson’s demonstrations in Florida last week. Why aren’t scientists doing research in this area? Why isn’t funding allocated for this critical research? Why is money spent on experiments which torture cats, dogs and monkeys to develop still more consumer products instead of helping people understand the inevitability of the afterlife? Why are our leaders closing their eyes to something that can revolutionize the whole world’s acceptance of the afterlife? Why is there reluctance by the establishment to know about the greatest discovery in human history – communicating with materialized afterlife intelligences? This is something sensationally unique which is technically objective and repeatable.

Wendy and I have conversed with regularly with afterlife intelligences- ‘William’ and others; we witnessed over seventy reunions as we attended and professionally investigated the materialization process for some fifteen months. We can attest that David Thompson is a brilliant materialization medium who can pass any empirical test. What are we waiting for? It has to happen soon- the wider world cannot wait for this most critical knowledge. What you are about to watch are ordinary people who met their loved ones who had crossed over telling us yes, the afterlife – which has huge consequences – does exist!