David Bowie has passed away. Listen to this! David Bowies biographer confirms what I said below days ago but knew many years, decades ago… David Bowie was psychic! Click Here. She also confirms what I said below that he planned his passing to the day and for impact.

Very sad David Bowie has passed away aged 69 after 18 months fighting cancer… I loved his first 14 albums and some of his later music too… Quite typical of the master showman He timed it perfectly with his new album being released.

A very intuitive man, he wrote about passing, his own, in “Double bed” in a bootleg song called “My Death” he also wrote in his younger years about Karma “Karma man” about astral projection and many aspects of what we would recognise as spiritual. In that he supported me in my own searches into spirit because he was a man who truly knew too.

He was also the chameleon able and always wanting to change never standing still. My sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. Above everything else David Bowie was an inspiration… Not only to a generation but to humanity with all that he achieved a real gentleman to the end always encouraging those who wanted to follow in the footsteps of those like him who were so inspired. Light to you David for all you gave me I truly understood what you said and what you experienced as a spiritual man. Thank you.