Dark Energy.

Scientists have now made a startling discovery! According to news reports 96% of the universe is unknown… Scientists call this dark energy and they are struggling to understand it.

To me and so many spiritualists – Though I have never called myself a spiritualist, spiritual yes, “Spiritualist” no, we are constantly amazed at the arrogance of scientists. Today they seem to want it both ways. They understand that things have changed so drastically that they now have to reinvent themselves yet they are still not able to acknowledge the great work done by people like Crooks etc.

They seem to want to place any label to remain credible except what is completely staring them in the face that is the simple fact that many millions understand and that is what has been termed “The ether” or what we know to be “Spirit”!

So arrogant are they that the current struggle remains that they want to be seen as the discoverers but to place their own “Brand” on what a great portion of the world has known for the last century (in scientific terms alone but in spiritual terms since man has existed) they want to hide the fact that they have destroyed many good reputations and continue to try to do so, and yet have an unyielding tsunami of evidence and perhaps stronger still, belief that there is far more to the world than this life we see. They are only confirming what we have been telling them for so long.

An irritation to me is the fact that whilst they unreservedly attack the issues of life after death, they steer away from actually placing in the same category the beliefs of billions when it is the label of religion especially when that label is Islam, Muslim, Catholicism, Buddhism and every other ism. For far too long they have had it both ways.

The tidal wave that is sweeping them into oblivion has them in a quandary, how do they compensate for the constant lies and deception that has been carried out consistently and yet keep their reputations whilst acknowledging they have destroyed so many others? Karma indeed.

It is a fine balancing act for them to keep some kind of credible reputation with those who believe all they say while making this “Startling discovery” that they have no explanation for, except to label this a “Dark energy” that makes up 96% of the universe and that they admit they, in their current thinking, have no knowledge or explanation of.

Why don’t they come clean and say that there is now some evidence to uphold the view that the greater part of the universe is made up of the vibration we all know exists and try to look like the heroes they set themselves up as?

Whatever they say they are going to have to admit at some point that much of what they think they know is based on faulty thinking, based on ego and arrogance and that the truth will out, the truth being that the flat earth society has benefited them and their ignorant stance for far too long but fits no longer.

It is now that they have the chance to save face and whatever name they give it they will have to admit it they have lost the battle. This century will show that man’s ego, control deception has all been in vain and that those who have set themselves up as paragons of virtue belittling things that they have denied for so long have now reached their demise, however unlike a life after death this demise will have no further existence except for the scourge  it rightly deserves.

Those scientists who do not want to be consigned to the bin of ridicule have a stark choice now, right this minute, admit what has been known for so long or have your reputations, this time, rightly tarnished forever.

Leo Bonomo.