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Bless Alan Chappell and thank God for it.who knows how many lives you have saved not only from ruin and the fallout it causes but the suicides that follow too! Light to all who were concerned enough to do something about it bless you all.

A big thank you to David Saveraux and Toys R us Direct Light, always, Leo.


Alan Chappell email from a supporter……………………Thank you for your recent e-mail.

I can confirm that item is not available online or in our UK stores.

We have no plans to stock it.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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David Saveraux
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Once again the ugly head of greed has risen again and in the wake of the success of “Ouija” the film sales of this dangerous game have risen reportedly 300% in the USA. Now Toys R us are trying to introduce again, a version for young girls!

Ouija for kids

I cannot emphasis enough how dangerous this so called “game” is. It most certainly is not a game!  For more on this Click here.

This is in reply to a Face Book remark.Hi Mike Williamson I agree totally with you. In my experience after first contact they talk to you in ways that you are comfortable with in the end you think it’s your own thoughts, they dredge the deepest parts of you to find similar feelings they can exploit. When they feel confident enough they start to do things or say things that you become wary of. The reason for that is they then have more than enough control. People seem to think it’s like the movies, muck about and there an instant reaction. By the time they are confident they have also built in (in computer terms) a back door. By the time you become concerned they may have been with you for 10 – 15 years. It is not like the movies, or very, very rarely. I had a friend once and they did the same old thing, all got drunk, and got the board out. He was lucky, he got thrown bodily down a flight of stairs and that sobered him up pretty quickly. I had the sad duty to try and help another who was so terrified of what was with him and we tried and tried. In the end we had no choice, myself and his sisters and mother we had to call the police six of them had to hold him down and was immediately certified and taken to a mental hospital. It was not a pretty sight he was in his own mind being tortured and burnt (which I could see) and of course he was literally fighting for his life when he wouldn’t calm down and had to be restrained. His family were devastated. In the end he was helped thank God but unbelievably he could remembers everything he went through so it could be of help to others. Bless you all.

(Leo) I know instinctively that it is intrinsically wrong. In feudal Japan there was a noted sword maker he made the most excellent swords but many who used them went mad. It may be that the intentions he placed into the work was what caused this but the same thing I do believe has happened with the board. It is exactly the same as pushing your energies and thoughts into an object. In circle where I teach we once took a piece of paper, scrunched it up forced energy into it and passed it to the next person to read and they gave accurate information they then repeated the procedure. The whole circle did this, that night there were 15 people. It was an experience for spirit to show what can effect and that psychometry need not be “An old or close object” just to get a reading from it.

To hear a warning from spirit itself go to Leslie Flints site and Stainton Moses warning.

Light, blessings and be protected, always, Leo.

Para Normal teams against Ouija