Ouija Boards.

These are very dangerous things to be playing with. Many instances seem to revolve around a party atmosphere… Y’know the Hollywood horror kind of thing, all drunk, I have a great idea, I know what we’ll do… Yeah right.

These boards, under these conditions are very dangerous because they open you up to the lowest kinds of entities and I specifically use the word “ENTITIES” because not all contacts are of a human kind,
(yes …..  this should make you think!), and they are only interested in misleading and controlling you. I had a friend who used the board in such circumstances. He found himself lifted bodily by a spirit and hurled down a flight of stairs. That kind of thing sobers you up!

These entities work by contacting a part of you that they are akin to. It is a spiritual law that like attracts like. We all know we sometimes give vent or show feelings that we are not proud of in any way and though these may be buried deep you can be sure and these entities will find the weak spot and link in.

After that, they continue with the “communication” for, sometimes, many years usually with out you noticing. It is when people acknowledge, “something is not quite right” that it is the sign “something or someone” has influenced them perhaps for years and this makes it more difficult to deal with. Because they speak to a part of you that is very like part of them, you will unless you take steps to counteract it, be susceptible to them again because it is like accepting a part of yourself. They have in computer terms, left a “back door” by which to enter.

I Apologise if this is long! But it is very important!  Please do look at the real life case below – it is shown as a warning.

Dr. Carl A. Wickland (1861-1945)  — A member of the Chicago Medical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and director of the National Psychological Institute of Los Angeles, Wickland specialized in cases of schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, addiction, manic-depression, criminal behavior and phobias of all kinds.  
His wife, Anna Wickland, was a trance medium.
     Spirit obsession is a fact – a perversion of a natural law – and is amply demonstrable.
This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified.

A Ouija board can be highly dangerous to anyone who is highly suggestible, anyone with any type of emotional or personality disorder or to anyone who has been using mind-altering drugs. The experts advise that under no circumstances should it be used by a child or by anyone who does not have a strong sense of their own identity (Covina 1979).

Dr Carl Wickland, an American Psychiatrist, wrote his classic work on mental illness Thirty Years Among the Dead in 1924. In it he warns:

The serious problem of alienation and mental derangement attending ignorant psychic experiments was first brought to my attention by cases of several persons whose seemingly harmless experiences with automatic writing and the Ouija board resulted in such wild insanity that commitment to asylums was necessitated… Many other disastrous results which followed the use of the supposedly innocent Ouija board came to my notice and my observations led me into research in psychic phenomena for a possible explanation of these strange occurrences (Wickland 1924: 29).

Wickland found that he was able to cure many of these cases of diagnosed insanity by using an entranced medium (his wife) to be taken over by the spirit which was obsessing the psychiatric patient. He found that many of these entities were unaware that they had died. Without any knowledge of the afterlife they found themselves in a kind of twilight condition. With help from higher intelligences on the other side he was able to persuade them to leave the aura of the patient whose light had attracted them.

Hugh Lyn Cayce, the son of the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce, has likewise many case histories of negative Ouija experiences. In his book Venture Inward (1964) in a chapter on Automatic Writing and Ouija boards, he states that stories of people getting into extreme difficulties following both these practices are:

Not uncommon, unfortunately. The frightening thing about them is that they can be duplicated by the thousands from the case histories of present-day inmates of mental institutions all over the world (Cayce 1964).

More on the Ouija from Victor Zammit, Lawyer for the afterlife.

For other connections to Ouija look here. Spiritism and mental Health
 Article the connection.

Dangers of the Ouija, personal experiences.

Liannes Story (A Medium).

“The only place for Ouija boards is the bin; They should never ever be given to a child or be used by one. Anyone who thinks it’s a toy should be placed in the nearest padded cell as they are obviously insane and are a danger to themselves and others. It’s the psychic equivalent of a loaded gun, it’s not just a danger to the user but also anyone close by. I learnt the hard way and I would never want any child to experience that.”

Lianne’s story, Lianne is a well known Medium, extremely accurate.

Hi Leo,

Well here’s my story and I hope it helps.

When I was 6 my brother came home one day with an Ouija board. I can’t remember where or how he had come to have it. Just like all youngsters, he couldn’t wait to use it and as it was just the board, we used one of my grandmothers crystal wine glasses. The thing about children they don’t ask the questions an adult would, so when the glass started moving around the board we were no exception to the rule.

We were laughing, each accusing the other of moving the glass and my brother asked how old I would be when I died. Swish straight to the number 6 and stayed there. I accused him of moving the glass, he asked if it meant 6 years old (my age at the time) and it went straight to yes. Thinking it was my brother I asked how old he would be, swish 4 swish 8, we asked if that meant 48 years old, swish yes. He then accused me of moving the glass, he then tried to catch it out, and he asked for the date and time of death. Swish it went to number 6 then number 2 then 6 then 2 and this continued over and over again.

By now we are screaming at each other each accusing the other of pushing the glass, we removed are fingers and for a few seconds the glass continued to go from 2 then 6 then 2 before it stopped. Being children screaming then started and shouting and I was sent to my room.

I decided to read a book whilst there (having a TV in a bedroom was unheard of then) whilst reading I had the feeling someone was in front of me. I looked up and watched a black thing come through my wall. It was about 6ft tall and resembled illustrations of demons from medieval times that I’ve seen as an adult in history books etc since. I had never been so scared in my life and being a child I did what children do in those circumstances, I hid under the bedclothes.

I knew it was still in my room and for some reason I started to recite the lords prayer. As I reached deliver us from evil, it went and so did I straight down stairs screaming. My mother decided to break the Ouija board in half and put it in the bin. Our neighbours spoke to my mum the next day and she told them what happened. They asked if they could have the Ouija board, they thought it would be fun to do.

The following night the neighbours used it (I don’t know what they experienced) they had a daughter and she had a rabbit and a guinea pig in an indoor hutch in the entrance hall of the house. The following morning they found the hutch unopened but inside both animals had been torn to bits, they burnt the Ouija board in the garden that afternoon.

For the following months up until my seventh birthday, I had a series of accidents. I was run over by a car, fell under a train as it was coming into Victoria station, on a family holiday a stag charged at me and tossed me into the air. Fell over a balcony 2 floors up, fell down stairs more times then I can remember, was pushed into the deep end of the swimming pool and nearly drowned, suffered an allergic reaction to medication I had taken before with no problem. Trod in a wasp nest, was attacked by various animals e.g. a cat, several dogs, a horse and a camel at London zoo. Obviously, I have a witness to this, my brother. Unfortunately, he died aged 48 the date 6/2/06 at 6.20pm (I can provide a copy of his death certificate) another relative passed on the 2/6/06 at 6pm, other things have happened with that number combination.
A Ouija board is not a toy; it should never be used by anyone. What it brings through there is no protection against; anyone who thinks it’s a parlour game is a fool.

I write again about the dangers of dabbling with instruments like the Ouija board and refer you to that article elsewhere on this site.

The reason I write now is to show you a depiction of what can happen. It is sent to me as the person wanted advice after reading the original article (See my Blog Site) and you can see that there are real challenges for those who are curious of any age. Please read it and take note; I do not feel this person has been harmed but they have had a shock and it exemplifies what can happen… sometimes so quickly…  Here it is:

Leo Bonomo,

Thank you for taking the time to at least read through this. I do not now if you can give me any sound advice, but I feel as if I must try. As it is, I was browsing around online and I stumbled across your letter of warning. It shook something within me, and I felt unusually compelled to reach out to you for some words of wisdom. Let me first explain why I am writing to begin with. A long time ago, about seven years or so, I was, perhaps, in my seventh year of school, I was snooping in my older sister’s room as younger sisters are prone to do. It was midday, my father was in the living room on his computer, and no one else was home. I found inside her wardrobe a Ouija board. What I had thought was a silly, plastic looking game that she hid from my father. She had asked him for one at some point and he said no, that they were dangerous, but my mother bought it when she begged. I knew I wasn’t supposed to know she had it, let alone touch it, but I just wanted to see it for a moment. I opened the box and reached in to take out the piece you place your hands over. As soon as my fingertips touched it, I hadn’t even gotten a hold of it, the light bulb in the room crackled and went out.

I don’t know if I will be able to describe this well enough, but as soon as the bulb went out, I felt…raw, I think is the best word, inside of my head. At the time I could think of nothing other than how frightened I was. I immediately withdrew and hid it back in the wardrobe. I left the room but couldn’t keep the tears out of my eyes, I was so overwhelmed and scared, and there was this strange feeling inside of my head. Within moments my father saw me and asked what had happened. At his questioning I broke down and told him that the light bulb had gone out and it scared me, leaving out the part about the board as I didn’t want to get in trouble. He went in and looked at it and was curious because he had just put a new one in. He replaced it and saw that I was still nervous and jumpy and pried some more. I told him it had gone out when I touched the board, but nothing else. He was livid and took the board and locked it in his room, and then he told me everything would be alright. I thought it would be too.

I never forgot about the incident, but for a while I pushed it to the back of my mind and thought on it no longer. But soon I began to notice strange things. Nothing very overt in a visual sense, but to me the sensations and feelings were as obvious as the sun rising. When I would go certain places, I would get strange feelings, but never good feelings. One place in particular was an apartment in a building my grandparents owned. There were three apartments, and I had been in all of them, two downstairs, and one above. One that was located in the middle of the house on the bottom felt…awful. As soon as I stepped in the door I felt heavy. When I told my nanny about it she asked what I meant, but the only thing I could say was the entire apartment felt dead, as if it were dying and decaying beneath the paint, but no one else could see it. I thought it was the apartment, so I refused to go in there. I swore the only time I would, would be if my grandfather collapsed while doing work in there.

Maybe now is the part where I should give some family history. My, this is going to be a long email. My Nanny has always…had strange experiences, seen odd things. Sometimes she forgets and misplaces memories in her old age, but most of the details remain the same. My mother was born with a veil over her eyes and my nanny had fits because she believed it meant my mother would see things. She does. My mother lost a child a year before me, and there have been times where she has heard a little girl crying in our house (my parents house used to be my great-grandmothers house, and my grandfather died there. Sometimes you feel a presence in the house that seems distinctly warm and protective in a fatherly way). She distinctly remembers one night where she was woken by someone crying “mommy”. She checked on my brother and I in our room, and we were both sound asleep. Then she went to check on my sister. She was half asleep and throwing up in the bed. She asked how my mom knew to come and when my mom said she heard her calling, my sister said she hadn’t called once. My Dad…Well, my Dad has an odd sense of some things as well. I remember him telling me once that when he worked in the middle apartment at my grandparents, installing a tiled floor in the bathroom, he became suddenly freezing even though it was a warm day, and the chill left soon after. He told me he got an odd feeling in that apartment, and that he didn’t like it. I had never said anything about the place to him before that. My mom, grandmother, and sister have also all seen an apparition in the upstairs apartment, but it does not feel bad. It acts as if it just wants to be left alone, but doesn’t really mind them being there. My sister and I both lived there at one point, her for much longer than I. When she lived there she would occasionally hear children’s music playing, as if from a music box. She would fall asleep with the bedroom door open and it would shut by itself, as if the ghost wanted to be out for a bit and didn’t want to be disturbed. My mother was leaving the bathroom when she felt something by her neck, she looked in the mirror opposite her in the hall and saw a white glow brush past her hair and go through the fan vent, which empties into the attic. Neither of them said the spirit felt bad. When I lived there I never felt anything. This was when I began to get worried. I would feel bad things often, but very rarely good things anymore. I rarely felt my great-grandfather anymore either.

One day I went in the middle apartment (while I was living in the top) out of necessity. I felt nothing. It didn’t have that same decaying, dead feeling that it had before. It felt like a normal, sunny, well-lit apartment. I was astounded. That’s when I began to think, what if I am not feeling bad things or bad places, but a bad spirit that is clinging to me, and comes and goes at will? The idea made me terrified, but I didn’t know what else to think.

This just popped into my head, and I don’t know if my sister who passed was with me, but someone must have been watching over me. Recently, perhaps five months ago, I was walking to my nanny’s house from my mom’s. (they live next door to each other). We live on back roads, in a neighborhood that isn’t developed and doesn’t get much traffic. It is a  short walk, several hundred feet, and I was about halfway when this happened. I had this horrible, awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, it was just a bad, bad, bad feeling, like when you know something horrid is going to happen in a movie but the character doesn’t. You can see the corner of the road from where I was walking and there was nothing there, but I just knew that there would be a car coming, and that just something about it was wrong, all over wrong. In about two seconds a red jeep came round the corner and drove toward me. I slowed down because I didn’t want to reach my nanny’s, for some reason I didn’t want the car to know where I was going. Sure enough, the feeling got worse as it got closer, and then it stopped. Right next to me. This normal looking guy rolled down his window and asked if I needed a ride somewhere. I shook my head and he asked if I was sure before leaving. There were several things that made this strange. He was going in the opposite direction, it was midsummer, no broken car in sight, I was just walking leisurely down the rode, why would he stop, why would he think I needed a ride if he was being sincere and not just trying to get me in his car? As soon as I couldn’t see the jeep anymore the bad feeling went away.

Anyways, back to the story at hand. I started to get this new feeling. I spent my days at home, often by myself, and i started to get the oddest feeling that someone was with me, not necessarily watching or paying attention to me, but just in the house with me. This didn’t just happen in one building. My mom’s, the apartment building, my house. I still get this feeling every now and then, and it is never the content feelings I used to get in my parents house. It is the feeling of something waiting, or biding it’s time.

Another random point that may be important. Recently, three months or so, I was sitting on the couch watching the television when I felt as if I’d gotten knocked in the chest, literally pushed through the seat cushions. Suddenly I wasn’t in my living room, I was standing on the edge of a road that was unfamiliar to me. A small red car, nothing special, sped past me to the left and my eyes followed it, my brother was in that car, I just knew it. I don’t know how, but I did. And then as I watched, a car pulled out of nowhere and he hit it head on. I was back on my coach, just looking at the television set. I didn’t fall asleep, I know it. I could feel the air rushing past me as I stood there. I still have no explanation. Immediately after it happened I called my parents in a frenzy, wanting to know where he was. Home and safe, but I’ve seen the same once more. And just last week my brother’s durango broke down and he wants to temporarily use my boyfriend’s old eclipse, which is red. I didn’t look like car I saw, but I’m still leery about letting him get into any red car. i just can’t explain it.

So, this is my story. Now that I’ve finished I’m not sure what I was hoping for to begin with. I suppose advice, or thoughts on what may have happened to me. After reading your letter I became afraid that if something is with me, it will start to do damage, or try to harm me or those I love. It doesn’t seem to lurk constantly, but the bad feeling, “the bad company” as I personally refer to it, does make an appearance every now and then. Should I seek counsel with someone to help me? Am I or those I love in danger? Perhaps I should speak to a Minister? There is one I have in mind if this is something I should do, an old family friend for the longest time. Ironically, he was the one that warned my father about Ouija boards….

From what I’ve told you, does it seem as if something malignant is with me? Or am I just sensing things? The only other thought I had is that perhaps malignant spirits are drawn to me now, because the best way to phrase it is when I touched the piece of the board, I felt much more…open, as if something had been torn inside of my mind. Sometimes I think that these more benevolent spirits keep the bad company at bay. For instance, when I stayed in the upstairs apartment at my grandparents building, I got a feeling that this spirit is a child (just from what my sister and mother told me, I’ve never actually felt or seen it, but the entire apartment always felt safe and comfortable), perhaps it’s presence made the other bad presence leave the middle apartment, or not come to me…And when I was at the road between my grandparents, perhaps my sister or great-grandfather was warning me…the land is old land, it has been in our family for generations, a grant from the queen I was always told. The old homestead from our family is actually about a thousand feet back in the woods behind my parent’s home, well, what is left of it, not much more than a torn down foundation. Perhaps while I am there I am more protected, with loved ones looking out and keeping others at bay?

Any advice or insight you can give me would me much appreciated. I am not versed in these things, I feel as if I have been thrown into a very deep pool and am having trouble swimming.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this long, long narrative. 🙂




Firstly, I must say that I am touched by your story; would you give me permission to copy it and present it, in part or whole, for others to read? I would not mention your name or any personal details of course. It would be appreciated as it underlines what I know about “bad spirits” and the point of being careful with “what you play with.”

I want you to understand that you are safe, we can sort this situation out and despite the great worry that you have, that things will be all right for you.

There are always opportunities  during our lives when we are more susceptible to becoming “open or developing” I feel that you were influenced at that time as you were aware of the board, to touch it. The expectation that something could happen that was created within you, unknowingly began to open you up in a psychic and Clairvoyant way, and allowed the connection. I think a spirit may have come close, I feel strongly that you were fortunate to be so aware that your contact broke immediately, this means that you “closed down” tight others as you may have read, go sometimes for many years without knowing they have a problem. SO, that is good news, even though you may not think so.

It is very obvious that you are sensitive in the real sense and that it runs in your family. You are being protected by your guides let me assure you of that. They have warned you about things that were not right and you have acted on them. The fact that you wanted to play with the board means that you were giving consent to contact, any contact, and this is the danger of the board. However, you immediately withdrew that consent and so your guides stepped in to guide, guard, and protect you. There are things that we can do together.

These are quite powerful and they do work because I had similar contact when I was young too and my guides gave me some techniques for dealing with it which I carried out and in fact it was so successful that it completely took away my gift for some years blocking everything out. That experience gave me some knowledge and was something I have had to go through but I am glad of it because I am able to help in situations like this.

These entities feed off fear, and they create fear in the mind, to try to get more control. The sensations you began to feel were because you had developed your abilities and were sensing things around you. It may have helped you though, as in the man approaching you, so it is not a bad thing in itself. It is just that you have become more sensitised to picking up what you call “bad things” it does not mean they can harm you, but you are aware they are there that is always useful. You are protected by your guides and if you feel frightened, just ask them to be there, and to protect you and keep you safe. They will do absolutely no question, that is their job.

The first thing we are going to do is get and remain calm. Sit in a beautiful place, where you feel very happy. Your guides will be aware you are going to do this so they will be with you. Ask them to protect you, tell them you need their direct help and this will enable them directly to protect you more. Secondly, Imagine yourself in a closed room full of light, this room is completely sealed but you can breath, only brilliant white light can come in, not even your guides… imagine it as strongly as you can it is above, below and around you, nothing else can get in. Your guides will then be in position outside of this box but very close to protect you all the time. Next the place where you sleep. Imagine as strongly as you can that you are painting each wall with brilliant white light then the ceiling and floor with light,  what you are creating by force of will is again another sealed room where you are completely shielding yourself from any interference or unwanted thoughts. You must do this every night I would say for three months at least or as long as you feel necessary for comforts sake. It must be a long period because if only done for a few weeks you may know it is working, but it may weaken as time goes on. In my experience if this is done over a period it will completely cut off your sensitivity, as in my case for many years.

It is an idea too,  to do it in any room you feel uncomfortable in. Should you feel it with a person, it is best you take notice of it but then either imagine a mirror around them reflecting  their own energies inward or imagine a beautiful pink heart filled with love and send it to them. I know this sounds strange but in doing both those things you are doing no harm so it has no Karmic or spiritual effect, you are not dissuading them or attacking them so the law of cause and effect is invoked and as you are sending them love that is all they and you can expect. Those that you do this kind of protection with, if they have anything other than good intentions will not be able to be around you for long. Either you leave or they have to. The light makes them uncomfortable. I know this works because a teacher of mine told me about it when I had a problem at work one time. A woman who had been there for many years took a dislike to me. I had been there for a couple of months. I did as I have instructed you and she left the job she loved – because I was not going to go, and went to another department she actually hated from the first week she started. That proved to me it works and it has done for other instances for me too, and others I have instructed.

I do not feel that you are in danger or your loved ones. If you have warning thoughts take notice of them and if they concern for instance, your brother tell him and tell him to be careful. You cannot take away his free will but you can advise him. If you feel that talking to the minster is helpful, do, but I hope and trust that he is aware of the spiritual reality as you and I are and not from the point of view of religious fervour that may make things more complicated. If I told my doctor I hear these voices she will ring for the ambulance lol.

As for the couch thing, I feel strongly that you were being shown something that MAY happen, talk to your brother so he is aware so if the situation builds up he knows what to do. The reason you felt “heavy” was that your guides were grounding you so much that you literally felt the weight of your body in an exaggerated sense; again, this was a good thing and should encourage you to feel that you are protected. You were sensing things in the room that had been, like with psychometry, – reading of articles, keys jewellery etc, you were reading the fabric of the room. It may well be that you are picking up the bad feeling from the spirit that had something bad happen to it and not that it was “bad” in the sense of being bad to you.

I feel that this is not what it appears to you and I shall send prayers and healing for you all. I don’t know how old you are but I see a woman with dark hair, straight and just above shoulder length At times I see glasses and then not so it may mean that glasses are need for reading only for example. If this is not you then it will be someone you recognise, I am also being given balloons which to me always means a celebration could be a birthday, anniversary or sometimes a passing and it would be within a few days of today’s date if not, certainly no more than two weeks in either direction. Hopefully this is all helpful.

If you need any further information or help, please do not hesitate to mail me.

May the great love continue to bless you, protect you and shield you with light and love.




I can only hope my story and obvious fear will help keep others from making the same mistake. While I do appreciate certain aspects of what has happened to me, for instance, the bad feeling I got while on the road, I would not wish for this to happen to others. Looking back, If I had not gotten that bad feeling, I would not have moved away from the car. I did not include this in the previous email as it seemed negligible, but when I got the bad feeling something told me to get far away from the road. I moved off the side of the road into the weeds a bit. The jeep had pulled right up to the white line when he stopped. I often wonder if he would have grabbed a hold of me if I had been closer. I am not sure how I would feel about not sensing anything any longer in this way, but I suppose you have to take the good with the bad, yeah?

Anyways, I am going to sit down in a bit and try the exercises you told me, hopefully they will make me more secure in my surroundings and safety. I will also talk to my brother, again, about the car. I can only hope he will take me seriously, but he is a teenage boy prone to thinking he knows more than others…

The only thing that saddens me is that I am now so far from my home, where I always felt as if my long gone family were watching over me. I feel disconnected from them where I am, as it is an urban area versus the quiet of the countryside that I have always loved and felt at one with. I hope they will watch over me all the same.

As for your feelings, I haven’t got short dark hair, but my sister has dark hair that I was just told she chopped off above her shoulders, a bob. She also wears glasses, most of the time. Her birthday is on Oct. 8. As for the balloons, I truly hope it is not a passing you have sensed. While I do not want to lose anyone, my grandfather is not in good health, has not been for years, and I always fear losing him, he is the closest to me. His birthday is on Oct. 6. Maybe it was these close dates you sensed, or perhaps you are seeing the soon-to-be arrival of my niece. She scheduled for the 29th, but everyone thinks she will arrive before then. Perhaps I should tell the mom-to-be to get ready…

Once again, Leo, thank you for your help in this and I’ll get back to you shortly about using this on your site. In the least you can use the parts that are about me and not my mother and her child. Please send me a link when you get it up so I can check it out.




It is not a passing to happen I have sensed, no reputable medium would give that kind information to you, what I meant was a passing that had already occurred previously, so do put your mind at ease, Your guides are always with you, before, during and after you have lived this life, do not ever worry that they will not be around for you.

I think it is sensible that you want to retain some of the sensitivity that has kept you from harm the exercise is quite powerful and I don’t know how to control it as such, I think you should ask your guides after a couple of months and ask for a confirmation of some kind, something definite that you would recognise without mistake, they will find a way.

There is a difference between psychic and mediumship gifts. Most mediums are psychic, many psychics are not mediums. Unfortunately, many of them do not know the difference either and that is down to training!

The information can seem similar which to an extent helps confusion basically, a psychic senses “you” what is in and around you, things that are in your aura and sometimes those are things that you really wish for so strongly, that it is impregnated in the Aura and they are picked up and sensed as a premonition, and that may not be correct. A medium or clairvoyant can get the same type of information but it comes from those who are in the Spirit world not necessarily guides, or family sometimes they are friends, sometimes helpers from Spirit, who have an interest in you. It is not always possible to identify them but it is the message and those things you recognise that are important in the message you are given. Basically, it is the source of the information that is different.

For instance, I went to a cousins 40th some years ago and was expecting 80 – 90 people in fact there were some 240! Most I would pass on the streets never knowing who they were and it is the same with readings and spirit. I sometimes get a neighbour or for instance a “dinner lady” from school who you may have known for a short period of time but had the same life experiences as you are having and want to share them with you to help you.

Thank you for your confirmations and feedback it’s always nice to hear. It is important to make others understand that dabbling with these things is not good, sometimes we believe too much in what we see in the movies and treat is as fun or something completely fictional and that sadly dulls our senses.

If your story helps just one person then it will be such a great thing to have done, bless you.

Much light,