Here are some replies from various posts all on the same theme.. Basically that there are some bad mediums who not only leave clients distressed but if they don’t want to hear what’s given and tend to lash out too.

All these below are my replies….

Hi Yes like PsychicShelly… I too have had to do readings to undo damage done. Quite wrongly (I think) some people do take everything mediums say as “Gospel” and I have had men as well as women absolutely left petrified by what a so called medium has told them…

 What I do know is that when we as mediums get over, if we have mislead, especially intentionally, or inserted “Our opinion” instead of what spirit have given and a person has changed their life because of it then we have to make payment for it. Far too many forget that if for example I mislead a person that causes reactions and ripples and they change not only their lives but the lives of their children, grandchildren and other family members and all their children etc, etc, etc, then the amount of damage I may have done is so immense…. I will have to individually work in spirit to repair each and every single wrong that has been caused. Moreover, I will personally feel each heartfelt anguish, and pain I have inflicted over every person affected.

 I am a totally honest person but IF that were ever questionable, then the above would certainly keep me in line (and it does) I teach this to all my students so they may, of course, excies their own free will. I think personally that this should be taught to every right thinking medium from day one of development. So they understand that there is a duty, to be serious about what we do.

 Light, always, Leo.


Hi Desiree….. yes my point exactly hun… Yes it is true that these courses are sold for huge amounts of money, and yes some do possibly stray from the path to make more money, I would never point at any one person.

 It is regrettable that  while it is mostly a good thing that mediumship is accessible in a way now it never was, and also exacerbated by certain programs emphasising “demonic and psychic powers” again making it popular but for all the wrong reasons – I blame Hollywood here, but while it has now become “Fashionable” to be “Psychic” that with the ever present factor of “everyone gets 15 minutes of fame” culture and that the world is open (from an internet point of view) that there are many who will just dive in whether selling courses or buying them to get some sort of esteem – of course this is ego, and if you are acting from ego from the start then that’s  certainly not a good thing.

 Light, always, Leo.


Put it this way, if you never got on with Aunt Ethel in real life and she came back to tell you are doing something wrong and should consider doing otherwise, if you took no notice or got upset in “real life” you are not going to be pleased – as good as evidence as it is, that she tells you the same from spirit.

 It just points to the fact that people ring for all kinds of reasons it sounds as though you do the right thing hun, people don’t like to be told “look, this is wrong, your making things worse all round” I have had occasions when a communicator has come along for a client on the phone and given information to make the client listen and then delivered the “proper message” and the phone has just gone down. Spirit have done that to make the client listen initially so that free will operating they can be told what is needed to be said and then they do what they like.

 This is an extreme example but highlights the problem I answered before and it links with what you are saying. I had a gentleman call up, asking all kinds of questions that were answered, so far so good. Then he told me he thought his wife was playing around, could I confirm it. My guide immediately stepped in and said cut the call, I made excuses and did that.

 The reason was that this person was looking for an excuse to kill his wife as my guide told me. Now the chances are that he would have called another medium or many… to get the answer he wanted…. At least it is not on my conscience. It was a PRS call and not traceable, I did the right thing and notified the company I work with. I can’t stop him from ringing “Feel good mediums” or those who are not connected properly to spirit being unaware of the truth for that question…. These are also the kind of things I teach my students we are not always party to the whole picture (despite being sensitive)  people ring for all kinds of reasons….. and not everyone who rings up is nice, or for that matter mentally stable.

 People can’t sometimes understand that everything is known in spirit, past, present and future, however, IF a communicator is told is one thing, and IF they are allowed to tell is completely another. I have on my site “I am not a fortune teller” too hun. It is part of the misrepresentation of what we do…. some many think of it as that, the uninformed ones that is. As we all know the one purpose of a medium is to give evidence of the afterlife – that’s it XX

 Light, always, Leo.