It is not often that I make comments about readings, I do actually consider it ego but, and this is a big but, people do expect it.

If people  don’t know you or if they have only “just heard” they will of course go to your site and however impressive it may be, they do need to look at the review section everybody “has to do it” if we are online, if we are professional, then of course we have to try and distinguish ourselves from others. So… This is the part where I have to advertise as such. Of course all reviews (comments) have to be legal and verifiable but also we have to bear in mind the data protection act all together this can at some points be a juggling act.

As all will know I am very much in favour of giving predictions, it was good enough for Helen Duncan, its good enough for me lol. I do believe that predictions are very much one way that confounds the sceptics. How can you possibly “cold read” a future event? Especially one that the persons reaction to is “No never, not in the plan, cannot ever afford it!” how do you as a sceptic make head or tail of that? Perhaps its hypnosis? Well in that case I need to hypnotise myself and make so much more happen lol. I do believe that this is one way to go and while it may appear to some professional mediums as “foolhardy” why can’t we give what we get? Wouldn’t that make a name for yourself?

The fact is that… Prediction confounds sceptics!

I have obtained permission from all concerned and have of course protected names unless, and there are one or two, who say you can “publish my full name” usually I still don’t but its nice they offer. One rare example is of course Anthea Turner the well known TV personality. All my readings are confidential, totally. The fact that unless I have something to learn (I learn something every day, mostly how little I do actually know and thats very humbling) I do not remember readings, so in the rare event I do remember small bits and pieces none is ever divulged except as an anecdote.

And so… to look at my page click here and enjoy.

As always, light, helping and prayers for you, Leo.