Due to the huge amount of spam from selfish people trying to earn money and brownie points for various sites I have had to stop comments and feedback as an experiment for now. It pains me to do so but it is so time consuming to filter out the trash from the genuine as the trash far exceeds….

Yes I know we can “de-spam” and yes I know there are various bits of software that can be used but when you are offering a service such as the lines and email readings you are then expected to pay a premium every month/week for doing it.

This I feel is a complete rip off because the web created or allowed the problem to proliferate feeding its self an income and then provides a service to combat the problem is sustains….. If that is not a rip off I don’t know what is! In the end, as always, its the innocent that suffers.

Therefore if you have sensible, without agenda remarks to make you can email me (for now) on notinfavourofspam@virginmedia.com