There have been claims this week that claim people become obsessed with evil spirits when they use psychics, Yoga and Reiki and Ti Chi! This article written 26 2 2015.

Don’t we seem to swing from one idiotic thing to another?

Sceptics saying it does not exist…


“There is no longer a ‘deadlock’ or ‘stalemate on the question

of survival. On the contrary, survival is as well established

as the theory of evolution.”

Robert Crookall.

And this taken again from victors site

Nobel Prize winning physicist, Dr Brian Josephson, and Professor Jessica Utts claim that current science needs to adapt to accommodate the evidence that has accumulated for the paranormal. “What are the implications for science of the fact that psychic functioning appears to be a real effect? These phenomena seem mysterious, but no more mysterious perhaps than strange phenomena of the past which science has now happily incorporated within its scope” (Utts and Josephson 1996).”

And then others (the above claim apparently made in a Catholic mainstream paper in Sydney) giving credence to this sort of rubbish!

In 1937 Archbishop Cosmo Lang headed an investigation into spiritualism which concluded (please do read the entire investigation) “Nevertheless, it is clearly true that the recognition of the nearness of our friends who have died, and of their progress in the spiritual life, and of their continuing concern for us, cannot do otherwise, for those who experience it, than add a new immediacy and richness to their belief in the Communion of Saints.”

Please see Victor Zamitt’s excellent site to read this short but interesting read.

And for the sceptics? Well, while they clearly challenge the psychic communities and of course this is very connected to all forms of religion as they stem from the same source, they do not seem to want to pick arguments with religions themselves… I mean, can you imagine them arguing with Muslims, Buddhists, Jehovah witnesses, etc, etc? No cant and definitely no you don’t…. Come on sceptics where is the usual vile drivel you heap on us which is actively supported by scientific evidence of the highest calibre, aimed at other religions as you heap on us and spiritualism?

I have brought this argument together before and all there ever is, is a deafening silence…

Light, as always, Leo.