This comes from The book Called “Children of the stars” produced by Mr David H Boyle. Please do visit this very interesting site, I am sure you will be amazed and please do buy this booklet, again the information will astound you.

It gives a fascinating insight to many of the wonders of the world, so called Mysteries. This part explains how limited our perceptions really are. They are pointing to what Mediums and all other sensitives experience.


Scientists only become scientists by passing exams set by and marked by other scientists.

However, if any would-be scientist disagrees with traditionally accepted theories, they do not become a scientist. Or, if after becoming a scientist, they challenge the status quo, they are cast out from their brethren or have their

funding withdrawn, or their reputation tarnished by the powers that control the vested interests. Religions throughout the world today fall into many categories but nearly all, particularly the mainstream religions,

are so full of dogma that nobody is allowed to even think for themselves. Today the word ‘religion’ has come to mean restriction of knowledge to the masses, as devotees are not even allowed

to seek knowledge from churches of the same religion but of different denominations. The word ‘blaspheme1 is used as a controlling force by the religions. However, does this word not mean that the

religion is imposing its belief system of God or the Creator onto somebody else?

Today we have turned science into a religion and allowed the genuine investigation of the workings of the universe

to take second place to the vested interests of the controllers of the scientific establishments or learning centres.

These people are also controlled by those with the finance and power within our societies.


DO NOT BELIEVE what you have heard. DO NOT BELIEVE in tradition because it has been handed down for many generations.

DO NOT BELIEVE anything because it is rumoured or spoken of by many others.

DO NOT BELIEVE merely because the written statement of some old sage is produced.

DO NOT BELIEVE as truth, that which you have become attached to by habit.

DO NOT BELIEVE merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

Only believe after observations and careful analysis and when it agrees with reason

and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all.

Then accept it and live up to it.                                         Buddha


This energy manifests itself in two major forms as light or sound.

Thus understanding light and sound gives us a greater comprehension of the universe.

In this book we will show you that everything which exists is manufactured or made.

We human beings are limited in our consciousness to our five senses of


We are also limited within each of these five senses.

We do not see the full range available within each of these.

Light for example: – we only see a small band of light – around 5% of all known light frequencies.

In comparison to all the light there is, we are BLIND. If we were to be placed in a cellar and all light sources removed, we would be unable to see,

However, if we were given ultra violet or infra red glasses, we would be able to see.

So there are many worlds of light above and below the range, we as a human being could observe.

The same goes for sound. We only hear a limited range of frequencies, yet we are all aware how dogs and

cats, dolphins and whales are able to hear higher and lower pitched sounds than we can. The same goes for smell and taste. There are more delicate and more subtle vibrations beyond our range.

We can liken a human to a car being driven along at night with the headlights on. We can only be aware of that which we can see. but the rest of the world which are vibrational frequencies,

exist around us. but they are out of the range of our sight.

We can also be compared to a radio which is tuned only into one channel.

but all the other channels are there just out of range of our senses.

These other vibrations are called dimensions or parallel universes

and they exist out there and beyond our sense levels which we are tuned into.

Have you ever wondered why we only use a small amount of our brain?

So what is the rest for?

Part of this unused ability is for communication into these other frequencies of light and sound, which is the worlds the mediums, shamans, psychics and Channellers access.


Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation.

The tiny range indicasted between the two vertical line (400nm to 700nm) in the diagram is the only part of the entire electromagnetic radiation spectrum that the human eye can see. Within this tiny range, we can see all the colours of the rainbow and yet it isjust a tiny part of the entire spectrum. (nm = Nanometers).

The amount of light we see with our limited vision is only the width of this

Vertical tiny bar between the two horizontal lines.

electromagnetic radiation

The two lines above and below this band represent the known frequency range which our scientists have discovered.

We must recognise that the two most important vibrations are of light and sound, therefore using common sense if we can understand these two energies, we will be able to analyse the reality in which we exist as registered by our five senses.

The keys which enable us to understand our physical world. The bible contains many sleepers (codes hidden away) two of which are the words “Word” and “name” which in any language can only mean “Sound”  this is cross referenced again in the bible with “in the beginning the world was in darkness.”  Then it states “Let there be light.”

So here is a clue that light came out of, or from, sound. Throughout the scientific world today, there is a growing awareness that everything is made. This is confirmed by the Fibonacci ratio in the creation of the galaxies.

I have now discovered that there are mathematical keys to both sound and light.

These keys are:- THE KEY TO SOUND IS.666. THE KEY TO LIGHT IS 19-47. Or nineteen point 7.With these keys we have unlocked much of our true history and decoded many of our ancient monuments.

This is taken from the booklet “Children of the stars” produced by Mr David H Boyle.