Orbs in the sky.

orb 2

This picture was taken in an apparently clear but dark sky.
There are some lights in a strip near the bottom corner right hand corner
but everything else you see even the cloud like white marks were never visible to the naked eye. These sky pictures were all taken in quick succession, 11 of them, some not published.

You will not see many clearer pictures of orbs in bright daylight.

The reason that these are now more able to produced and photographed is that Spirit are using different techniques to be able to produce these forms. This is a side effect of Spirit working to be able to produce physical phenomena in broad daylight. This is slowly happening. This fact was predicted by my guides through automatic writing. This book is soon available on my site in E-book format and was produced in 1987. it is called summerland.

Children Forest 1

Great picture here very clear.

Children Forest 2

Close up of Orbs A close up of orbs. Close up of Orbs (13) Close up of Orbs (16) Close up of Orbs (2)  and here is a huge Orb on road. You can compare the size with the road signs and white line in foreground. This was taken near Pluckley Village, the most haunted village in the UK.

fright corner 2

At the time I just took a picture (below) of the moon in the sky to see if I could capture another orb. Beware the moon! As you can see quite perfectly from the tree and leaves the camera has not been “jogged.”

How strange then to have a triangle open in the sky and this effect from the light of the moon it appears like a triangle itself almost head shaped. This again taken in Pluckley village cemetery.

St Marys Graveyard Moon