Give thought to those who cross your path. Be gentle with them. Cause no ill. Cause no bad Karma. For as you go through life, as you prepare the path in this world and the next, bear in mind what you would want for yourself. For to be sure you shall have it.

I should like to write about those who commit acts that harm others. I’m not talking at this point of serious harm that has been touched upon in other writings on this site but I am very concerned about the culture of “do unto others before they do unto you” the culture of “get your retaliation in first” so to speak.

I myself have been victim of this kind of behaviour myself on quite a few occasions. This has included bullying at work, victimisation and discrimination and harassment from those who should really know better. Specifically those who are in one of the other “caring professions” Teaching. I cannot for legal reasons name names but of course, they know who they are.

This is the kind of thing that happens quite sadly, to many people in everyday situations. There are those who for want of an easy life are prepared to do outrageous things. They stand up and lie as though it is quite natural to them to vindictively destroy your life and smile so sweetly when they do it.

They feel it is a dog eat dog world and so they have to “do whatever it takes” to “survive” but it is not really about survival is it? I have personally found that in many instances a word at the right time, an apology would be so much easier and yet the ego will not let it go. SO a web of deceit is constructed whereby others are drawn in to support the original story so that those who least need support are banded together to act aggressively against the one who needed at that initial point so little support but just the right kind of support and understanding.

And so… a huge problem occurs where others band together to cause a much greater harm. I have, not surprisingly I may add, found that there are some who consider themselves “religious” to the extent they go to church every Sunday and feel very righteous in themselves. Even to the extent of taking services as in my example, of being in school. Those who think their “standing” is utmost and will do anything to protect it. Ego is a terrible thing.

I am always surprised by those who “being religious” and who act like this in everyday lives are able to rationalise both together. It is said that the human mind can rationalise anything and this I certainly believe to be true. For example during war and certainly the second world war many dreadful, inhumane, and cruel things were done by many and who rationalised their thinking to accommodate the acts carried out, whether it was catching babies on bayonets, shooting innocents, or gassing by the millions, the thoughts and perceived “right” of what they were doing was rationalised and the acts carried out again and again.

We can see that thinking has not altered in the recent slaughter carried out by various tribes in Africa and of course even in Europe.

Getting back to the actions of bullying etc, however you rationalise it you have to go through the stage of acceptance of wrong doing otherwise there is nothing to rationalise. Once done you have redoubled your crime as it were. What many, through failure of religions I firmly believe, fail to see is that on passing over you know what your actions have caused – good or bad, and you are taken through each and every one of them and the pain and suffering caused not only directly but by others affected too.

In my case, I can say that it has greatly affected my family and caused great suffering in many ways including financial. Those responsible will be forced to see what they have done and moreover, not only understand but also feel the full force emotionally of the destructive forces they have put into play.

We can imagine, in some circumstances that a person so dejected may have a breakdown, may feel so failed and rejected by life and on that trajectory, take out those feelings on others not involved by virtue of now having a short fuse. We can imagine on taking that to an extreme that an accident occur and a life lost and the repercussions of that.

As we follow this strand, we can see that a simple action, redoubled and supported, has created so much tension, has caused an accident in which a person lost their life.

On looking from spirit as you review this simple action and all its ripples never known to you in life, but plain as day now, you can see the misery you have caused and it is a misery far from the actions you perpetrated and perpetuated. Still you have to make amends for it. All of it. It is for this reason that I say, treat people fairly. Treat them, as you would want them to treat you. This is in the bible of course. It is there for a reason but like so much in life, misunderstood.

Give thought to those who cross your path. Be gentle with them. Cause no ill. Cause no bad Karma. For as you go through life, as you prepare the path in this world and the next, bear in mind what you would want for yourself. For to be sure you shall have it.

As for my plight? As always I shall ask for love and forgiveness to those that harm me. For theirs is the greater loss, not only in dignity but in suffering. When we meet in the afterlife, they shall have to ask my forgiveness and it shall be given. However, they shall have to forgive themselves first and that can only be done when they have understood the terrible consequences of what they have done.

Much light to all, always Leo.