In answer to some questions posed, I have this channelled reply to P influenced through Spirit.

Hi P, yes earthbound spirits can influence us, they are not supposed to… and depending on how much pressure is used , yes it is possession. Higher spirits make suggestions but you always know it is a suggestion to be reasoned out, with lower ones it is not clear at all in fact with possession it is an “order”. Therein lies the problem.

You seem to have the impression that “they are higher than us” all of them, they are higher than us in vibration, however the lowest of them, because they are not in the body, it is higher in a chemical sense only, it is the mentality/intention ONLY towards others which decides whether a spirit is of low nature or high and that is completely different, but there are many who in thought and deed are of a low standard, people like Hitler do not change overnight and he would still have a hatred of the Jews. These things may take many thousands of earth years to change.

I do feel that you are mixing up the fact the that to be in spirit in any form, which is of course a different vibration than here, because it is of such a density here that it is low, but for a specific reason, means that a spirit is of high nature and that is certainly not true. What you are in effect saying is that any vibration different to here is better because it is higher, it is not, it is different.

You are, to exemplify, mixing two completely different chemicals. What you are saying is water can be steam, water and ice. We are trying to say that actually we are not talking about “water” we are talking about mercury, and just because at normal temperature it runs like water does not make it water…. Hopefully this helps to clarify for you?

The shadowlands and what we call “Hell” are of a very low vibration obviously but different to here. There are sadly many billions of souls of a very low standard that try for all kinds of reasons to have a grasp on our world and that is where the problem lies.

I do honestly feel that you mix the two up.

What we learn here is of great use there, if it were not so why on earth would we bother incarnating? There would be no point at all, a complete waste of energy.

This is a place of learning, of trial and error and of a way to seek out what you can and can’t do and what boundaries can be pushed. If you want to go out and kill someone you can absolutely do it, anyone can kill anyone. That is not to say it is right. If you want to go out and rip people off you can do it, again that does not make it right, BUT when you get back and say “Ok I tried this, and now these are the repercussions” that is also when you learn. That is the value of taking the lessons back with you to find out exactly “what happens”. That is why we then incarnate into the person being ripped off so we know how it feels, that is the lesson.

Young and inexperienced souls (just to simplify) will say “well why is it I can’t kill people? What will stop me? Just why is it wrong?” it is those who have the chances to learn “why” and the rest of us learn “see what they did? Isn’t it terrible?” this is the whole reason we are here.

What you appear to want is to change the world for the better (we all do in the garden) but what in effect you are saying is “I will go against all others free will and I will force people to see spirituality and get them to treat other people right, that way this will be a better place.” What you want is enlightenment for all, but it goes against individual learning.

This is a place of hardship, hard knocks, and learning of an indispensable kind. That is exactly why it is the way it is. That is its purpose. If this place was perfect…. it would be the Summerland/heaven. It is not, it is not meant to be and it cannot ever be. What you want (and it is admirable don’t get me wrong) is to bring heaven to Earth, but this can never be heaven it is Earth. It is constructed solely for different specific purposes and that is why each of us have chosen to be here to learn and take our learning back.

Nelson Mandela had a specific role to play and so did Winnie the point is it shows the differences between them and the acute problems of south Africa in a microcosm by highlighting her being out for herself, it Made Nelson Mandela’s task more difficult, he could have chosen to deal with her in a different way, she could have been silenced even by those around him, but where would have been the humanity in that? It beautifully exemplifies the problems in Africa and his personal fight, doesn’t that make him a better man? Those who shine the light are often the target of darkness it is part of it the fact she did not succeed but showed the ugly side of Africa, isn’t that wonderful? Now we all know.

All those who work for the light can be under attack, that is the nature and that makes the struggle more worthwhile, to succeed against such great odds it shows the spirit of the man.

His incarceration made him. Would you want he did not have it? He could have given up so easily and no one would have blamed him and no one would have heard of him again, that was not his plan. His plan was the struggle because without it no one would have voted for him. Those who incarcerated him also played vital parts because it showed what was wrong with Africa. The struggle was the man. That is/was the whole point of it.

Do not blame the darkness that tried to silence him, it made him the person he needed to be, to make such great changes in the world. Without that oppression what would he have had to do? His life, if he chose to incarnate at all, would have been so different and either another would have stepped into his place or South Africa would have remained the same until someone caused a change. It is yin and yang, there must always be balance.

Many years ago my guide talked to me about Judas Iscariot, it was explained that only such an enlightened, beautiful and powerful soul took on that part to help in showing spirits true nature of love in sacrifice. Even now his name is cursed daily, he is hated and bedevilled and put down.

My guide showed me that only such a high and enlightened and beautiful soul would take the part knowing absolutely that in thousands of years time people (Catholics) would still send him hateful thoughts, curses and ill will hating the ground he walked on, even the very name breathed. Think of what he took on…. We only hate (as a world) those in recent history, yes we may read of despots in early periods but do we (as Catholics and others) hate them with the vengeance that is poured on Judas? No, we understand that this man and that was bad, his name is not mentioned everyday in such a tone as that who was Judas.

I must be honest when my guide explained to me the courage and fortitude of that soul willing to bear all that for thousands of Earth years, it did make me cry to understand what that soul was willing to sacrifice for spirit, I would that I could do such a thing. It touches me to this day to understand what a great love that spirit has, to be willing to undergo all that for the love of spirit and to help change the world for better. He played such an important part. The fact is that it has somewhat backfired is not to be underestimated.

I hope this helps P?

Light always, Leo.