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The AuthLeoIndoor-3or, Leo Bonomo, was born in Forest Gate London in 1957. From a very early age Leo had always ‘seen and heard things,’ in fact i twas so normal that Leo assumed that everybody else saw them too. ‘Astral Projection’ or ‘Out of the Body’ experiences were one of the phenomena he could produce at will, most of the time. Leo assumed also that everybody else did it too. This was until an incident at school made him realise that this was ‘not normal;’ the result was that this gift was stopped immediately. There are many experiences to be told that would fill another book! Leo trained as a medium for approximately eight years at the S.A.G.B. (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain) and spent some years touring churches and giving readings. Leo was the very first student to give private readings at the S.A.G.B. and had associated with many fine mediums who worked there at the time. Leo was also an active member at the S.A.G.B. for a number of years; he was a member of the council and was invited, with the change of the old regime at that time, to become president of the association, which typically for him, he modestly let the opportunity go.Various incidents and happenings eventually induced him to step back from his work. Until the time was ready, he was asked again to work for Spirit and to publish the books and poems he channeled. Leo has also been on TV for a series of interviews and demonstration for Circle TV. Part of ‘The Circle’ is a ‘Psychic Line.’ He has also been interviewed on radio in September 2012 and was interviewed on Felixstowe TV in 2013. He continues to be involved in a small way with media. ‘SUMMERLAND’ is a most unusual book. It is written by Spirit, those whom we may call ‘Guardian Angels’ and has been written specifically as a NOVEL. This is the very first time this has been done. It has been written as a novel for a special purpose, so that this simple story of life, the change (Death) and our eternal existence may be told. Its aim is to express the fact that there is more to us than some of us would like to acknowledge, but it is something that more and more of us are beginning to believe in and understand. Man has an inherent knowledge that something else exists – a God, or Creator, which ever name we give it. Our Guardian Angels wrote it this way so that our children may also learn of God from a source that complements what most people believe – that there is a Creator, a God, that there is hope and for most, peace after the change. Our Guardian Angels do not want to change your minds; you have free will.They just want to make you aware,so that you may make more informed choices about the way you live this life. ‘SUMMERLAND’ explores what happens and why. It shows, through its simple story, what form life in the next world takes and most importantly, why we must all finally, take responsibility for not only our actions and in actions but also the thoughts and intentions behind them. May the great Creator Bless you All.