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Brazilian researcher Sonia Rinaldi is the coordinator of Associação Nacional de Transcomunicadores (ANT).  Sonia has been helping people by making phone calls to the beyond since March 2001.  The majority have been for parents who have lost their children.  Sonia writes, “With this technology controlled by the Beyond, the call is not from the Beyond.  They enter our terrestrial phone calls.”

The parents make an appointment with Sonia in advance.  They are instructed to prepare ten questions.  When they call on the appointed day, Sonia has one phone in her hand and leaves an extension phone open for those in the Spirit world to participate.

The telephone is connected into the MIC jack of her computer and all conversations are recorded directly into the computer.  The questions are asked leaving ten seconds between each question and the recorded conversation lasts about twelve to fifteen minutes.

After the session is over, Sonia prepares a final recording of the session resulting in seven to eight minutes of pure dialogue between parent and deceased child.

The sound track is copied and sent to the parents who are then able to hear their loved one’s voice and decide if it is their child who is speaking, identifying not only the voice itself, but also details and information which only the parents knew.

Sonia also requests that the parents send back a report detailing their impressions of the recording.

Spirit communicate in the most amazing ways, don’t they? Light all. Leo.