Best ever documentary on the afterlife!

This is hailed as one of the best ever documentaries on life after death ever produced Empirical evidence.

Leading scientists say there is another dimension!

Not only this, but it is free too J it is quite sad that this was produced in 2009, I have not heard about this before so it is definitely about time this was properly aired because an ever increasing population now understands the truth of the existence of the afterlife and so many through their own direct experiences, not just contact through mediums and while that contact is of course very important it does not compare with a person having their own, definite experience.

Keith Parsons This life Next life

The movement towards the overwhelming majority of the world knowing that it exists through whichever route whether it is, as Keith Parsons states, “through religions” which of course admit the afterlife but it has to be “their way” with its own biases and rules and constrictions which of course spirit – I don’t include in this “spiritualism” because that has its own problems, very much so, spirit does not place any restrictions whatsoever and is entirely liberating. Spirit as does Silver Birch, insist that everything is put to reason and if it does not fit, then throw it out.

Religions tend to emphasise the “faith” of what they preach and that the faith must be followed without question… it fills the gaps, to my mind, where they have no or dare not explain what is meant. In this way Spirit as opposed to spiritualism, is very different you are encouraged to ask as many questions, questions without end, so you may find your individual answers.

As I have said before there has been positive proof of the afterlife for at least 135 years in this country it is not in the best interests of government, some scientists, media and religions to liberate the world in this way it is they who have somewhat successfully drowned out that evidential voice but now things have change irreversibly and that can only be for the good of the world.

Of course there will always be a war going on and those who have come here to learn hard facts and make life difficult for others but this is a place of testing so its purpose in the way will not change for many decades yet but at least those who know that their interference and effects on others lives will not go unseen and that we all irrespective of status will have to make amends for any and all wrong doings the flipside is of course we get to enjoy the fruits of all the good we have done too.

Victor Zammit has said “I met Keith Parsons several years ago when he was doing afterlife research. I regard his documentary about the evidence for the afterlife as one of the very best I have come across.”

This program provides overwhelming evidence that consciousness exists outside the brain, something that scientists now regard as being able to exist outside the body and this is drawn from The Cross Correspondences, The ‘Scole Experiment’, drop-in communicators, EVP and the mediumship of Mrs. Leonora Piper. It features interviews with some of the giants of afterlife research. Spread it around – the information is pure gold! Thanks to Keith Clark for putting it online.

Keith is also asking for anyone who may have connections to be able to get this screened by discovery channel etc. Keith Parsons photo

Please look at this too:- it is called The Phenomena Project

Published on Jun 20, 2015

A documentary by Keith Parsons which offers scientific evidence for the afterlife. It covers cross correspondences, The Scole experiment, drop-in communicators, EVP, the mediumship of Mrs. Leonora Piper, as well as a discussion of brain and mind – are they both the same or different?