Heartbreaking…. Today (15/12/2015) I was driving to my local store and saw a young woman walking barefoot, it is cold and had been raining…

I stopped and asked why she had no shoes and could I give her a lift, which she accepted. I told her “you can’t go walking around like that…” She told me that “She had no money for shoes”

I decided to divert and take her to a cash point I was going to give her £40.

As I diverted she became extremely frightened (she has obviously been much abused) so I calmed her down and took her the three quarters of a mile to where she needed to go.

I told her she needed money for the shoes and gave her all I had in my wallet – £25 she gave me a big hug and it meant the world.

We should always try to think of others especially when we don’t have. To give when you can very much afford it is one thing, quite another when it is heartfelt. Think of others this Christmas…

When we are all snuggled up cosy and warm watching the TV or a film think of those who are in a different position in life often through no fault of their own. Bless them because they have chosen a harder path in life. I have found that in giving we receive much that is the secret of “The secret” and I have completely changed my life because of it. Give and you shall receive. Light to all especially those in whatever need they have.