Monday night (25th) I spent a happy few hours at the Banyan retreat witnessing great physical mediumship courtesy of David Thompson ably supported of course by his partner Christine Morgan CSNU (website) who is an accomplished Spiritual Medium as well as the circle leader for the Circle of The Silver Cord.. David Thompson has a web site and this is highly recommended if you want to know about physical mediumship.

A very jolly crowd was there to witness William, David’s guide giving a short talk on philosophy and answering questions put by sitters. William asked sitters if he could touch them which he did – I had experienced this before and his hands are very firm and solid and not cold to the touch either. A small child (I forget her name) also ran around and touched and tickled some sitters who confirmed the tiny hands of a child (there were no children there I might add except for the spirit child).

David is tied to a chair, gagged and placed inside a dark cabinet all before witnesses to state categorically that the binds (plastic ties) are tight, placed correctly and cannot be undone.  During the evening various people turned up including Louis Armstrong who not only sang in that gravelly voice but talked to us and played the harmonica.

Tim a young boy was also present. Who delighted us with what was almost a “firework display” of light this being produced by the luminous bands on two trumpets that Tim played with in a display of amazing speed and accuracy racing from one side of what must be a thirty foot room, to the other and from ceiling to floor and inches away from one or two faces the delight with which this was performed had to be experienced to be believed.

Loved ones came through and talked and touched their relatives and gave evidence that only they could have known, most touching was a young man said to have passed only two weeks before who came and gave a message to not only his mother but three sisters too, tears were of course shed.

At the end spirit had lifted David, complete with chair out of the cabinet, fully twenty feet or more and William asked for a red light to be shone and David was facing away from the cabinet. William asked for the light to be extinguished and then we heard a thump and while the lights were turned on and the demonstration ended David and of course the chair were now facing the complete opposite direction.

All in all a great night. If you get a chance to go, then you should. It is for many a “once in a lifetime” experience and the experience should you be lucky enough not only to go but received a message and be actually touched by your dear departed ones should not be missed.

Light, always, Leo.