Part copied from the chapter: IX. THE DARK REALMS.

This, I am afraid, has been a long digression, so let us return to our travels. You will recall my mention of the many heavenly perfumes and scents that come from the flowers and that float upon the air. Here in these dark places the very opposite was the case. Our nostrils were at first assailed by the most foul odours; odours that reminded us of the corruption of flesh in the earth world. They were nauseating, and I feared that it would prove more than Ruth—and indeed I, myself—could stand, but Edwin told us to treat them in the same way as we had mastered the coldness of the temperature—by simply closing our minds them—and that we should be quite unaware of their existence. We hastened to do so, and we were perfectly successful. It is not only ‘sanctity’ that has its odour!

In our travels through our own realm we can enjoy all the countless delights and beauties of it, together with the happy converse of its inhabitants. Here in these dark lands all is bleak and desolate. The very low degree of light itself casts a blight upon the whole region. Occasionally we were able to catch a glimpse of the faces of some unfortunates as we passed along. Some were unmistakably evil, showing the life of vice they had led upon the earth; some revealed the miser, the avaricious, the ‘brute beast’. There were people here from almost every walk of earthly life, from the present earthly time to far back in the centuries. And here was a connecting link with names that could be read in those truthful histories of nations in the library we visited in our own realm. Both Edwin and his friend told us that we should be appalled at the catalogue of names, well known in history, of people who were living deep down in these noxious regions—men who had perpetrated vile and wicked deeds in the name of holy religion, or for the furtherance of their own despicable, material ends. Many of these wretches were unapproachable, and they would remain so—perhaps for numberless more centuries—until, of their own wish and endeavor, they moved however feebly in the direction of the light of spiritual progression.

This is an example of “Bad Spirits.”

When you consider the mutability of men’s minds, is it to be wondered at that certain trends, which we perceive in some person’s affairs, may be so influenced as to upset any mildly predictive statement that we may make? The truth is that few people on earth are fully aware of the extent to which their material concerns are assisted and advanced by their unseen friends of the spirit world. We do our best to give what aid we can, without, at the same time, taking complete charge of your earthly lives, which would be wrong and is utterly forbidden.

Furthering your affairs involves much work upon our part, where we must gently influence minds in your favour. As we see things progressing, we are able to give you some account of our efforts and their probable outcome. We say, in effect, that as things stand at this moment, all is moving favourably, and we have every hope of accomplishing our aims, whatever they may be, for your benefit. Then, before we have the opportunity to speak with you again, some incident, small in itself, but large in its consequences, may obtrude and wholly belie our previous words.

These are example of “Good Spirits” of course.