Another landmark ruling regarding face book postings which can be applied to calling a Medium a fraud.

The face book post concerned a Vegas poker trip and the resultant defamation that resulted from it.

Damages awarded were $340,000.

I myself have had some remarks and after politely mentioning the fact that I have a case against them idiot sceptics then remain silent.

What sceptics do not seem to understand is that when a medium is becoming effective and gains their attention that itself is a something of a badge of honour.

Don’t they get that? They are perpetuating the fact that a mediums profile has been raised for a reason and the fact they sceptics are considered less than truthful  it is no wonder that after 30 years of losing the battle to disprove the supernatural they have in fact raised its awareness to more people who have now an interest in such matters.

Its harder to think of a worse own goal than that. See CSICOPS losing the 30 year war.

The matter was highlighted on Victor Zammit’s site and the links for both can be seen below.