Our hearts go out to Ann Maguire, murdered, of Corpus Christie School, her life taken by a 15 year old.

This is a tragic incident and brings to mind what a wonderful person she was, and as we know, in the afterlife, still is. It is overwhelming the sympathy and appreciation that this has elicited such a huge response from past and present pupils, teachers and all manner of friends and family.

The sympathy that this has elicited cannot ever be underestimated. In life there are occasions, very sad like this that brings our attention and focus to these incidents. And it is the uprising of love, from even strangers like ourselves; fond memories of those who knew and love her that in turn bring so much light into the world.

With spirit we can bring to bear the weight of compassion that this place (Earth) really needs and hope in turn that it raises the awareness that people like this 15 year need so much help.

It is hard for some I know to feel sorry for the soul who murdered her… the outpouring of compassion for her is something that this poor soul will feel when they in turn pass to spirit. We can see and feel tangibly the terrible angst that this has caused…. Not only will the poor soul who murdered her begin to feel the weight of the action they have taken but it will be felt many hundreds of time more by them in spirit when they have to face it themselves.

Spirit justice cannot ever be plea bargained, whatever may happen here the soul on passing into the afterlife will be left in no doubt it has had an experience it has to face. Not only will they have to face the compulsion but also have to face the feelings of all those who have shown sympathy today.

These feelings will be multiplied and the soul who took a life will face and understand each single soul it has hurt, all their angst and of course the pain that will carry on for generations. Those who will be told of a “Gran” being so wonderful and who had her life taken and the fact that the grandchildren will not meet her in their lifetimes, waiting until being reunited in spirit.

So many who cause such harm do not understand that generation upon generation are affected and that they will feel each feeling of pain that is inflicted and also what has been taken – of course, from that soul we have now known as Ann Maguire. The murderer must not only make amends but ask forgiveness not only from Ann, but all those who have in turn been harmed.

May the light of love bring you the happiness you deserve, may your actions each day bring light to others, always.

Blessings, Leo.