Andy Byng a Medium once wrote an article in Psychic news that he did not believe that Animals have souls…… I find that an incredible statement… I cannot fathom how the two can go together, that statement and him being a medium. To me there is no sense of the recognition of soul or creativity in it. That the creator, whichever name we give it, could throw to one side life without a soul, just something animated but not understanding love in a purer sense…. Here I show you not only why he is so disastrously wrong, but how wonderful an expression of the creators love, animal life is. Bless you all, please do share this. Light, love, always Leo. XX

ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR CONVINCES SKEPTIC Anna Breytenbach is an animal communicator based in Cape Town, South Africa. This stunning video shows how she convinces a skeptical zoo keeper that she is able to communicate telepathically with a dangerous black leopard and change his behaviour. Anna believes that all indigenous peoples have the ability to communicate with animals and runs workshops to help people learn to reconnect with the natural world.

And if that is not enough….. how these animals play with each other…. and we have the gall to call those who are so wicked “Animals” this is so demeaning to those Spirits, man in many ways is below animal, sadly. A dog and bird play with each other 🙂