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video explaining how a four year year old child regularly talked to her father and his friends who were killed in the 9/11 tragedy

Taken with thanks from Victor Zammits site

STUNNING EVIDENCE: 4 year old COMMUNICATES WITH HER DECEASED FATHER: in the recent past this child and her mother may not have shared this communication. But now most people accept that it is possible for us to communicate with those who have crossed over – especially where there is a strong heart-to-heart connection. Here is a video explaining how a four year year old child regularly talked to her father and his friends who were killed in the 9/11 tragedy.


Consciousness 1 of 2:

Consciousness 2 of 2:

Once again sceptics use the “Scientific method” to try and prove they are right and once again science is proving them wrong.

What really make me laugh is that if a sceptic IS CORRECT then he will never know because, they assert, there is nothing there. Of course when they find out there is….. Oh dear, so much humble pie to eat…. it could take an eternity Lol.

Light to all, always and everlasting. Leo.


Taken from Victor Zammits site:-

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Included on my site, why you should live by the law of Karma, I.E. Do no harm, A man who has killed Alien Grays, what NATO, and governments do not want you to know about Aliens an amazing “interruption” at a National Press club conference in Washington where an amazingly casual answer in regards to aliens  and alien contact including sketches of at least 50 Alien species “we” know of.

This includes the fact that the church of England finds mediumship is valid:- amazing cases of reincarnation: Skeptic hoaxes that will make you cry laughing and NDE’s of the famous, mediums legally vindicated in the UK, and the fascinating “Are we children of the stars” go to children of the stars.

We should all be aware that so many of the so-called mysteries Pyramids, crop circles etc have a proper and stunning explanation, we are not alone! We have been mated/combined with “aliens” for many thousands of years already.

Do you believe in time travel? Do you remember classics like “The time tunnel” series? That it was fiction? Would you believe that time travel had been used since 1936? That time travel had been perfected in the 1970?s? that someone who had been part of that experiment known as the “Philadelphia experiment was talking about and confirming not only what he had participated in but has explained in detail not only the experience but the machinery of time travel to experts but in a more conventional detail to “ordinary people”?

Then you need to learn about Al Bielek

That there is a The Scientifically Proven Reality of Life After Death book download link; “go to proven”  Do you understand that you need to be protected from those spirits who would influence you? that Ouija boards are very dangerous and need to be understood? see the “Dangers of the Ouija board”.
If you have any interest in this or have not accessed any of these pages then you need to. Either to dismiss in your mind or find out what is going on. 2012 is a prime time it is a harbinger of change that can if you are not aware, drastically shape your world in the future. In 50 years or so “Alien species” is a subject that will be taught in school, it will not be a question are they here, it will be a certain knowledge.

’Scientific UFO in Norway’ – For the open-minded skeptic, there is enough evidence that UFO’s do exist. I included some sensational evidence in the past – astronauts, fighter and commercial pilots were eye-witnesses and reported seeing UFO’s. Do NOT have unnecessary fear of UFO’s. If they wanted to hurt us, they could have done it many times, many years ago. Aliens from parts of the universe have mastered materialization – the increasing and decreasing of vibrations to travel huge distances away without using fuel of any kind. It is far better to welcome the UFO’s – enter into a dialogue with them to learn from them many things – including the materialization process. I repeat what I said last time on UFO’s: a good friend of mine with high credibility made contact with aliens – yes, they do exist! Guaranteed, that being hugely technically advanced, they will confirm the existence of the paranormal and the afterlife. Watch this youtube video carefully.
Children in school are now talking openly about spirit.

Hi all, this was written by a friend of mine and I think it is completely valid, here it is.

It is good that children in school are now talking openly about spirit. Of course they have to learn as part of history about the witch burnings.

What they will not learn in school is why the burnings started in the first place.

It all boils down to the fact that mediums are born and not made. The church had had trouble for centuries trying to obtain absolute power over the populace.

The gentle folk who lived in the countryside and went about their lives helping their fellows by administering simple cures etc, where more often than not healers and mediums.

The church saw them as a threat and had been trying to do away with them, for instead of going to the local priest the peopled would turn to the village healer for their help.

Then King James the 1st asked for the Bible to be rewritten. More to the point he wanted a certain passage rewritten.

Where it used to say that Saul consulted the “woman” of Endor, he had the word woman changed to “witch”. As the Monarchs of the day were under the power of the church also he thought it a good idea to include the words, “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.”
That was all the instruction they needed. They now had been empowered by their “holy” book to rid themselves of this “threat” once and for all. The witch burnings were carried out with gusto and religious fervour all across Europe and later America.

They thought they were helping to cleanse and save the souls of these poor scoundrels, who in reality did not understand that they were doing wrong; they were just helping folk.

We are in the state we are today because all the natural healers and mediums were wiped out. If they had been allowed to survive we would be seeing a much more natural approach and acceptance of what we do.

As I said mediums are born and not made. This means that the process is now very slow. Instead of having an ancestor base of which to be born into it has to be by a scattered method of people coming to the earth plane with these gifts.

We are more or less starting again. In several generations time we will be back at the stage where everyone knows of or consults a medium or healer.

Until that time we must continue spreading the word to as many people as possible that death is not the end of our existence.

Only by the realisation of this simple truth will our world become a better place for all to live in harmony with each other.

L & L


It is interesting to note that the church now recognises mediumship and “Communion with saints” as it puts it. It is a wonderful thing that as we move into 2012 that open-mindedness seems to be prevailing….

Miracles do happen. Light to all.