I have read with interest Raye Edwina Browns Magazine “The Spirit Messenger” article on page 5 (November issue, issue 183) regarding UFO’s and that many spiritualist mediums have “Aliens” as guides. Those of us who are familiar too with the excellent “Scole Experiments” and Robin Foy will also know that Aliens also came through and were pictured during the physical experiments that went on over the course of five years.

You can find many links on my sites to the Scole Experiments which Robin so kindly gave his permission to me to republish. We also used the world “alien” for those from other countries and I do find it reather amusing that the term also covers those from other dimensions as well as this dimension that are from far distant planets.

Those of us who work closely with Spirit know and understand that there are very many different types of existences that we as souls can experience.

It is not limited to what you would call “human experience” There are existences which we can relate in “earth terms” to that of the mayfly, meaning that the life itself is completely over in a comparatively short Earth time, say of ten years.

There are other existences where the normal life span is approximately six to seven hundred Earth years. None of us should expect or believe that in this wonderful creation that exists, that we are “the only ones here” that is very naive.

Even on Earth there are places, for instance in the sea, that are super heated way above boiling point where a decade or so ago no one would have believed that any life even microorganisms, much less animals could have existed and yet we now know this to be true.

We know so little yet we believe we know so much. How arrogant we are (some of us) to believe that we are the only ones here, to believe that we alone, control not only our destiny’s but the universe and all it contains. That we, have a special privilege to destroy and take from this world just because it is there, just because we can. As a species, will we ever learn?

Have a look at these amazing videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbONIQfQmDU&feature=related titled “The man who killed two greys.”

And this one titled “Alien Species”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWR6WE4z20g&feature=related The man who is at a press conference states that there are at least 57 different species of aliens and there are drawings of the descriptions given.

And lastly this one titled “The two most important crop circles ever.” One of them represents a CD disc! The amazing thing is that it is written in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and can be read!  ASCII is a computer language!

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KoR2t-iM9k&feature=related

Light, always, Leo.