I am very pleased to once again be able to copy something from Victor Zammit, The lawyer who presents the case for the afterlife. Victors web address can be found on the links page on this site.

Proof of the afterlife has been provable in this country (England) for 135 years and more ask why this information appears to not be readily available in this country why is it not taught in schools?


(1) SCIENCE DOES NOT SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARGUE AGAINST THE AFTERLIFE: – I know this may shock a few people: – you will NOT find a book in any library in the world written by a scientist or a skeptic or a materialist or anybody else which shows that there is no afterlife or that there cannot be an afterlife. That being the case, those against the afterlife have a ‘belief’ – this means that a belief is subjective and is subject to fundamental errors to complete invalidation.

(2) SCIENCE SUPPORTS THOSE WHO ACCEPT THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE: There have been so many scientists who, AFTER THEY USED SCIENTIFIC METHOD TO INVESTIGATE THE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE – conceded that there is an afterlife – the evidence is ‘overwhelmingly convincing.’. (access chapter 2 and chapter 25 of my book for some of these scientists). These are scientists who can perceive the paranormal and the afterlife with true empirical equanimity – with true ‘scientific balance.’

(3) THE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE IS NOW SCIENTIFIC: it is now objective and repeatable – which makes it scientific. Afterlife evidence has nothing to do with beliefs, religion, blind faith or subjectivity.

(4) NO GENIUS SCIENTIST, NO GENIUS CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC or anybody else has been able to refute the evidence for the afterlife. In ten long years, NO genius skeptic, no materialist or anybody else was able to show where, when, how and why the afterlife evidence is not valid – not even for the allurement of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

(4b) Just one example. I am on record for stating that the empirical investigations on David Thompson materialization medium every week for fifteen months showed there is objectivity and repeatability. For a period of twelve months I offered the skeptics the sum of $500,000 to show why the experiments we were conducting were not scientific – or to show that fraud was taking place or for the skeptics to duplicate what we were doing with David Thompson.

In 12 months no skeptic, no scientist, no materialist from anywhere around the world had the courage, the fortitude or the motivation to take us on. Apparently, they had legal advice – which told them to keep away from those who can demonstrate objectivity and repeatability.

(one condition was that if the applicant failed to show fraud etc. the applicant had to pay us the $500,000).