I am also pleased to link to the ÆCES AFTERLIFE GUIDE as this should prove to be an interesting and valuable guide and resource.

We are most pleased to announce that, after many months of intense effort, the ÆCES AFTERLIFE GUIDE is ready for public use. The Afterlife Guide is an encyclopaedic compilation of descriptions of the life hereafter, as dictated by discarnate’s and as recalled by the entranced. Given its nature, the Guide will never be “complete,” but it has now been developed sufficiently to be of real value to researchers and students of Survival.

The Afterlife Guide is the fourth Resource Project for AECES, joining the Survival Top 40, the Legacy Files, and the Supporting Evidence sections to fulfil the original plan for a collection of valuable resources for all those interested in what happens to the human personality after the demise of the physical body. The Guide currently consists of quotes taken from 35 sources and assigned to 9 subjects, 49 categories, and 82 separate topics. There is also a list of sources and an introductory statement (which should be read first).  Quotes within topics are listed pretty much in the order they were collected, but we expect in the future  to re-group them, the better to reveal agreements and contrasts.

All AECES members are invited to assist in the Afterlife Guide project. If you have comments or suggestions for other sources, please e-mail us at aeces@mail.com. There are numerous sources yet to be tapped, a few of which are listed in the “potential Sources” section of the “Source Materials” page.  If you would like to offer selections from any source, write and request guidelines.

Links to the Afterlife Guide are now functional on the AECES website’s homepage and menus. To go directly to the Guide, click here.

On another matter, the following books by AECES Board members are now available via Kindle: The Survival Files , by Miles Edward Allen; Miracles of Mind,  by Jane Katra, Ph.D.; and Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations, by John Turner, M.D.  Also,  A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife, by Victor Zammit, Ph.D., remains available for free download at his site.