There are times when we have to think about getting attention… Not in an egotistical way, but if we are to survive in business and especially be able to serve as many as we can in doing the creators work then it is important. We all have a right to live. After all, every business needs to survive for its customers and its own sake right? For some reason it is acceptable (?) that you can be criticised when your a light worker…

Rather unfair don’t you think? Whilst others are acknowledged to have a gift, Painter, musician, carpenter etc, etc. And big corporates who sometimes get a really bad press, just take the PPI rip off scandal as an example. For some reason those who take light working gifts are expected to use their gift, literally a from God, the creator and give it away and live on nothing but air… And this in a very commercial world where everyone wants their buck.

Next week (17th May 2017) on We have another very special guest! Colin Blann,  Colin says “I usually start my readings with a name reading where I take the letters of the sitter’s name and ask Spirit to guide me to words that will link me with a short message.”

The ways in which we work differently never cease to amaze me spirit, together with our own individual gifts have an infinite way to manifest communication. Why don’t you join us? Have a free reading? Tell your friends. Free readings of this quality are hard to come by… But, they are a feature of this show. Be first in the queue make sure you tune in.

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Light to all, always, Leo.