I spent last night with a large very friendly group at The Doris Ann Centre (Oswestry, Shropshire).

Mr Bill Gardner has a special purpose built séance room incorporating all you would expect including a kitchen and a room to sit and talk before and afterwards. It is excellent.

I was blessed to be chosen along with Sam, a lovely woman, to examine the bonds, Search thoroughly Keith, and David beforehand, whilst in the Séance room, everything was perfectly secure, secure and we started, music was played loudly and the first to come through was William, David’s guide.

He is obviously a very tall gentleman I could not see him as such, I do tend to be closed down on these occasions, and that was confirmed as the right approach so it does not detract from the energy.

You can hear the footsteps courtesy of a piece of loose board placed on the floor for the purpose, you can hear the voices move around too with each at the respective heights there is no alteration when for instance William comes back.

His manner and stance are so very different from David’s. We all hold hands and this makes it impossible for anyone to get up or move and this is ideal.

You can feel the personality of the person there. That cannot be mimicked, impersonated in any event. Those whose relatives came through knew them, because they were the same personality that was on earth.

Those who think you can mimic a voice etc would be hard put to project a personality without speaking.

Just how do you do it? And in complete darkness?

I know this to be real; I just want to place those questions some may ask.

I should think most have been asked so I will not trouble myself to repeat them. I have been blessed with similar experiences when I was young.

William must be six foot if he is an inch. He introduced himself to several people and then came over to me, as I had been involved in the checking.

He came very close and then asked if he could touch me, and I said he was very welcome. I have been touched before by Spirit they are warm and very solid.

I found his hand a little cool but I was very hot and his hands are very large. His palm was on the forehead and his fingers just below the curve on the back of my head he gave my head a firm and pleasant squeeze.

This was also confirmed by Sam whom he touched similarly.

Luis Armstrong came through and sang for us I must say such was the power not only of his voice but Williams and also Quentin Crisp who is as devilish as ever. Quentin is a complete riot.

There was much laughter throughout, Quentin was most entertaining, many gay jokes as you would expect. This was all completely in the dark, as you would expect.

Tim is the Spirit of a nine year old who “looks after the ectoplasm” He took a small luminous card in his small hand (so you could see his fingers holding it) and showed it to many of the sitters including myself.

Tim moved a luminous trumpet around with amazing agility bringing it millimetres from people’s faces, at times it was moved a good ten feet in a split second far faster than a person could manoeuvre it, other times it was banged playfully on peoples shoulders and heads and against beams that support the ceiling.

Many were touched on hands, faces and heads. One woman (Sue) had another contact and then William firmly asked Tim to “go put the dog back in the cabinet” to which everybody laughed, however after William confirmed that the dog belonged it was brought out, barked several times and even placed his paws on the person who was so amazed and grateful.

The evening was recorded and I have asked Christine David’s partner, for a copy, she does send them out for people.

It was a wonderful evening and it was a complete privilege to be able to go. I sincerely hope NOT a once in a lifetime experience.

The conversation that William and I had, had a parting shot…. He said to me “I hope that you are positive in your report,” I had promised to report on this, and of course, William had known. Confirmation to me that all was correct, even if I had any doubts, which I do not.

There was a Southern gentleman singer there too who came and sang, powerful voice. He also 0played harmonica. His name escapes me for the moment.

One or two private connections were made but as the communicators were unused to the ectoplasm and voice box it was a change that was remarkable but nonetheless comforting for receivers.

The power and volume of the voices was remarkable. The contrast by those who regularly come and use it is phenomenal. Of the few who had sat for many times with David (he was last in the UK on 2007), everyone said that he had grown and the power last night was so very strong, clear and at a volume.

I strongly recommend that you go if you have the chance too. It can, and probably will, change your life. Look at these links for remarkable information…

 Circle of Eternal Illumination The Bristol Spirit Lodge & The Felix Circle. This has some remarkable photographs and information on it.

The Bristol Spirit Lodge

Light, prayers and blessings, always.