A sceptics death

“History shows that every intelligent man who has gone into this investigation, if he gave it adequate examination at all, has come out believing in spirits; this circumstance places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the skeptic.”
– James H. Hyslop, Ph.D. professor of logic and ethics at Columbia University

I read many years ago of a Near Death Experience of a Skeptic and he gloriously exalted “just as I expected, it was black, darkness, nothingness” he totally failed to grasp the simple fact that he was aware of nothingness.

He therefore convinced himself “that was it, I had been there, I know and I am right.” As we all know, like attracts like and we gravitate to a place we build for ourselves. Of course only one of us is right.

(Encarta Dictionary explanation) Sceptic:-

1, Somebody denying knowledge is possible. A member of an ancient Greek school of philosophy holding the doctrine that real knowledge is impossible, or a later following of this doctrine.

2, Somebody who doubts something is true, and a doubter of accepted beliefs.

3, Somebody who doubts religious teachings. A doubter of religious doctrines and principles.

debunking the Skeptics – Sceptic Hoaxes

When you consider the many billions on this planet who believe in life after death, either directly as a medium or through them or through their own direct experiences or via religion, you will understand that SKEPTICS are very much a minority.

It is at great odds then to the influence they exert, supported as they have been by governments, scientists and media (a minor but influential percentage in both cases) and religions who want their truth taught but not the truth.
Skeptics will find themselves in their own particular style of “nothingness” to verify they are 100% correct. Of course they will be alone because “Death is the end” having cut themselves off from any possible contact possibly for decades or for the more hardened of them for hundreds of earth years. Having finally been drawn out of their self made conditions they will have to face the truth of the self same conditions they have imposed on weaker minded individuals and the great deal of damage they have done in convincing those who sit on the fence that they are right. They have enormous wrongs to right.

Governments, scientists (vastly respected men of their time, some of whom fought voraciously against the world being round, that the sun revolved around us others said it would be impossible for man to fly, others that any communication other than letters etc, and face to face would be impossible, hence phones, computers ad infinitum) and religious leaders, all who have vested interest in keeping a grip on power and feel that they are going to lose it.

Strange then that many governments, notably the most powerful in the world, spend many billions a year investigating and using these spirit sciences that make it up. Religions only espouse their particular version of it, yet it all comes from the same source.

How can religions tell all and sundry that their versions of the after life are correct and others are wrong? Surely that is contradictory? If the respective religions believe in an afterlife as they obviously do why then do they allow their deep-felt religious views to be continually mocked and vilified by debunkers?

It seems correct to me that Mediums are mocked in this way because the truth that comes through, and yes there some appalling Mediums, gives the light without contradiction of use and allowance of power to all and overrule of religions because in the end they will have given much to the people, is it not then a contradiction to find that other religions allow the afterlife to be mocked in such a way when they themselves exist because of the truth of it?

If say Islam, Hindu, Catholicism religions were mocked as outrageously and continually as Spiritualism is, would there not be an outcry?

Yet in essence, all religions are being belittled in the same way either there is another existence or there is not each religion espouses its virtues. Why can an organised gang pick on one member while its brothers and sisters stand and watch, do they not realise they are next? I do feel that all religions, who are connected by the same basic beliefs, should now stand together and have the courage to say enough is enough.

I am by the way a Spiritual person, but I am not a Spiritualist.