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Dangers of the Ouija board and dabbling.

Hi Jo,

 Only those who are properly trained mediums should use them but then it is one of the lowest forms of connection, why would anyone want to use that? They should not be meddled with.

They are currently, and for many decades sold as a “Game” and they are dangerous especially in the hands of the uninitiated.  There are examples on my site I won’t put personal links here. Here are some links from my site to others (Spiritual-protection information – An excellent site by Ian Bradley. Also, Soul Work Resources for understanding Entity Attachment, Spirit Attachment, Possession and their Release. Links to Anthony Borgia’s Books Free online. Soul Healer A lovely site that has a lot to give. Good articles.

I have seen the results of their misuse and have well known medium friends who have also had horrific experiences with the board. One or two give accounts on my blog although their names have been changed of course.

Whilst I don’t normally clear homes – only under special circumstances as that is best left to experts, I have seen what can happen first hand and it is remarkable.

I have been lucky enough since a young age to have experienced all kinds of things, while protected, and some of those things I would not wish on others.

One of my friends (knowing what it’s like I would never go) was at a party very many years ago when the board was taken out, he (not a light weight himself) was thrown bodily down a set of stairs by an irate spirit and that certainly sobered him up.

Some time ago I was involved in a campaign because “Toys R Us” wanted to import a pink version specifically aimed at eight year old girls. Disgusting! We managed to get it stopped but it is still sold as a game in the states and all over Europe and the world. Part of that article is republished below.

Should you want more information on the kind of problems you need to look up and read “Dr Carl Wickland – thirty years amongst the Dead”, Dr Wickland was an eminent psychiatrist treating the criminally insane and with the help of his specially trained and powerful trance medium wife cured (though some returned as entities leave a “back door to get in again) patients,  getting information and facts verified, as to who they were in life he was also head of proficient institutions and psychiatric bodies when he was alive  and  working with the USA government.  The works of Dr Emma Bragdon eminently top of her field and her book “Spiritism and Mental Health” these should leave you in no doubt as to how dangerous the dark side of spirit can be. Even Edgar Cayce and his son  warned of it.

Dr Bragdon and I concur that around 80 – 90% of mental instability is caused by spirit interference induced in different ways. A former student of mine for many years sat in a rescue circle… He was a policeman and with at least two other burly men would usually be required to hold down violent, abusive and very evil entities that needed to be removed. I use the word entities advisedly because not all those who come through are, nor ever have been human.

 I hope this helps. Blessing and light to all.

 Light, always, Leo.

“I was disgusted to read in the Saturday 13th edition of the Psychic News that “Hasbro’s” in America have specifically targeted 8-year-old girls with their “Ouija board game” These people are nothing short of imbeciles, and they have absolutely no conception of the dark side and what they are letting these children and society on particular, into.

I would urge them to read as much as they can on this subject and also go to my pages to try to gain some understanding of what they are doing.”

Here is a reproduction of emails on the subject:-

This is some advice I gave to “Sarah” some time ago. Ouija boards are very dangerous because they are like an open gateway that those playing around with have little defence against. If you are inquisitive, follow the good advice given, by the others as well as myself. Please be warned! Do Not Mess.

Sarah from Glasgow Ouija advice

Sarah from Glasgow: “I’ve been trying for about six months now to make contact with the spirits using a ouija board, but it never works. What could be the reason? I’m not afraid of the board and I don’t think I’m harbouring any negative energies.”

No one can guarantee you contact with spirit world. In the field of parapsychology it’s a bit like music: one person can play the violin with no trouble at all while the next labours away and only produces a single decent note. Unfortunately, it sometimes just doesn’t work. If it’s very important to you to, try again and again – or invite some spiritually like-minded friends round and try it together.

This above in Bold Italics is Very Bad advice! It just goes to show even the best intentions can be misguided and that is why I felt compelled to answer. Leo


Whatever you do, do not play with the Ouija board! The reason you are not getting anything is that you are being protected. If you do want to contact or develop please, please go to a proper development class and put away this board.

I am a medium with over 48 years of experience! Whatever you do, do not use that board as only the very lowest entities and I do use that word advisedly as not all that may come through could be described as human, will use such a devise and that should tell you something. I have friends who had some very disturbing incidents using this board including being thrown down a flight of steps. You use this at your peril and you are putting your soul through un-necessary risk. If you want to do this kind of thing please go to proper recognised places that will guide you properly and tell you of the risks that are involved.


Comment posted by: Leo on February 20, 2008 at 07:37 PM

Hi Sarah,

Leo is quite right in offering his advice. Using a Ouija Board is a recipe for disaster. A Ouija board acts like a Public Telephone and as a result you just do not know who or what will answer and then you cannot trust the answers, if any, that are given. You’re best bet is to do as Leo advises and contact a Spiritual development circle through your local spiritual church and take their guidance.

I hope this helps and enforces Leo’s advice.


Comment posted by: Edward McNaught-Davis on February 22, 2008 at 01:31 AM

Hello Sarah,

I am a reader with Questico and the above pieces of advice are quite correct. Do not use the ouija board. The reason you are probably not getting anything through is because you do not harbour any negative energies and this is protecting you. Go to a spiritualist church and get some training. The very fact that you have not had any contact through the ouija board does suggest you may have good psychic abilities which are being naturally protected. For any psychic work you need to learn how to protect yourself psychically. Caitlin C

Comment posted by: Caitlin_C on February 24, 2008 at 03:43 AM

Hi Sarah, I am a Questico reader and have a number of years experience of developing within mediumship circles. I have to say that the previous pieces of advice are spot on. I strongly recommend that you visit your local spiritualist churches to find out if any are running development circles. Please do not continue using the ouija board until you have been taught how to fully protect yourself. I’m sure you would enjoy developing with other like minded people within a safe and secure framework. Best wishes. Crystalz.

Comment posted by: Crystalz on February 25, 2008 at 03:31 PM

June 21, 2012

Yet again we have the ugly side of spirit rearing its head and again it is connected with the Ouija board, why is it the message is not getting through?

Directly below is the original posting. A reference to Qi is made and this person obviously does not know that those concerned with the program are highly sceptical especially Mr Fry.

If you are going to quote people then you should know which side they are on… using this as a point to underline your case of “Spiritualism and spiritualist things” undermines your credibility intensely. Fry and co constantly mock mercilessly anything to do with it, Nostradamus, and anything even remotely connected with it.

If this is what you are relying on to support a spiritual theme then you need to rethink your values as you have scored a spectacular own goal.

Kim .F.

iv just had a young girl phone me totally beside herself she & a friend did a weejie board(spelt wrong i know) some freaky stuff came from it there childrens names then it said they see dead babies,,,, can someone please tell me what they should do to protect themselves iv suggested sage but didnt know what else to suggest apart from getting them to ask for protection! … any advice would be great many thanks xx

Leo s Response.

I feel there should be a worldwide ban on calling this a “Game” because it certainly is not. The children above have been given a fright and I think that this is something good; it is needed and in fact keeps them safe from harm because they are unlikely to want to try it again, thank the Great Spirit.