My pops told me to ask you guys here instead of asking on Facebook. So I will try and put a bit more detail in it.

Just a month ago I lost a good friend, taking away from us unexpectedly and very quickly. We are sadden in the music world of Oslo. Such a talent and an inspiration to many people. He died of natural causes but we still don’t know the exact reason

Also about a month ago a young 16 year went missing in Oslo. Which started a big nation wide hunt for her. Sigrid was found murdered last Tuesday.This is shocking news for Norway as things like don’t happen often here.  But two men have been arrested for it and the police are quite convinced they are the ones who did it

With these deaths that seem so u fair and makes no sense. I started to ask myself what is the point? Why should people die so soon and why did this young girl have to die in that manor. So my question is. If life is a series of tests does it mean when you die the you have passed them? Would this then explain why so many young people pass before their life has even started.

We had a horrific Loss on 69 children last year some as you as young 14 was killed by that Anders bastard Breivik and over 244 and was injured and some of them will never get over their injuries. There has to be some point to why young innocent people die and evil men like this can still breath the same air as us.



Hi Jonny,

You must realise that I can only give generalisations on questions such as these.

Firstly no, it is not the end of the tests when we pass; we incarnate many times and set ourselves these tasks when we feel ready to tackle them in other incarnations. We may view things very differently from spirit than when we are here, from spirit it is quite dispassionate, do not confuse that with uncaring, in spirit a much bigger picture can be seen depending on which plane (world) you occupy and your own spiritual level.

It does seem hard that people choose these lives – both being murdered or the murderer and in fact to choose life as a paraplegic or one of the millions starving in Africa, but we do. Often these lives teach us a great deal more than more “ordinary lives” very often it is the higher more spiritually evolved that choose hard lives which is where the phrase comes from that “the good die young” so there is some truth in that. Those who do pass young have tended to choose that path, little happens by accident.

Part of our experiences over eternity is to view a particular event from every conceivable angle, for example the one you have chosen, being murdered. One life would be lived as the person to be murdered, this can often have a karmic repayment involved in it in either way and every sense, and so you allow yourself to be. As you have rightly said “why/how could anyone do this?” well in the next life (or another one) you choose to be the murderer to understand in a fuller sense what could drive a person to do such a thing.

You may also choose a life where you are the brother, mother, cousin of the murderer or murdered to experience it from those angles. You may spend 10 – 20 lives around this particular thing, one where you want revenge and take it and one where you don’t etc, there are so many paths that lead from this one act.

We might also take the fact of war, intrinsically yes such a bad thing but actually it gives the experience of perhaps not only the fear and destruction to experience but we must remember that so many brave acts are performed saving lives and giving of them for others this of course applies to every area where there is devastation like Tsunami, millions starving etc. This is why spirit say “we view it from a dispassionate angle” if we take the earth emotion out of it we can see that wonderful chances are given to do the right thing, just look at Schindler for example. He could have ignored the situation as so many did of course, profited from it by siding with the Nazis or do what he did save close to 1,000 lives and saved generations to come at great personal cost.

In each life we live we have choices – free will, and while some events (not all) have those aspects we have the right to choose and this manifest’s in choosing right from wrong. Those choices at certain points are critical like for instance to murder someone perhaps in a moment of madness. Our tests are so often in our reactions to these events, the stresses and strains that they bring…. How they affect our lives Or how we let it affect our lives.

Those like Anders will see exactly what they have inflicted. They will feel the exact pain each had gone through and also every person that they affect not only for generations to come but each individual who has remained, brothers, mothers, fathers, sister’s cousins, uncles grandparents etc, etc, etc. They will feel every emotion for themselves and cannot escape it at all and it may take someone like Anders very many hundreds of earth years to understand and repay it all.

One of the side effects of this act (on the surface so bad) is that you and I and many millions on the world send our love and light to all those concerned, this is so important because it enables us who are spiritual and right thinking, to send the light of love into this world so that all can reap its benefits, so that all can understand we should try to stop this kind of thing.

If that stops even one more is that not a good thing? We should never underestimate the power of compassion…

In Syria we can see that so many innocents are affected, if it were not for media we would not be aware, if it were not for media who of us would begin to understand the horrors of war the truth that yes while soldiers battle the greater number of innocents are the ones affected that those innocents, like us are involved because we are there… In viewing this our hearts love and light go out to them, in viewing this the world sides with good and steps in.

The outrage that Anders has brought has invited so much light into the world, I do not of course condone in any way, I would not hurt any animal soul, or human being and I constantly ask that I never accidently kill or maim another much preferring to give my life such as it is than take another.

In past wars this was all hidden, propaganda “showed us” that our enemy were all beasts that deserved to be annihilated that right and God were on our side because they were “inhuman”… now we see the truth that we and they are the same….

2012 is so important… One of the important things is that there will be a clearing and many, not all, of those to be cleared are those who have not learned the lesson of doing right. They have had many lifetimes of trying to improve their soul level, of trying to bring themselves up in vibration but they seem to not have the will to do it.

In consequence they have at this time a “last chance” to improve and so many have not. These will be included in the clearing and they will never return to what we call earth again (this does not mean of course that there will never be evil people after this because this place we call earth is one of testing, that is its purpose).

They will incarnate into other lives on other planets/planes where they have eternity to see the light rather than many lives in earth years to fumble around. There are others who have chosen to go in the clearing too who have made the choice to pass and help those who need help in passing also.

The clearing will involve millions and this place we call earth will never be the same again, thank God. A brand new era is at its dawn and we are all privileged to be able to participate in it never before of after will there be such an important time in our history.

I hope this helps to place some perspective on this for you? Life, reincarnation and karma are far from simple the interplay of each is so complex that it would take a life time to even scratch the surface. To add to this there are the qualities we choose to make our incarnation “more interesting” like for example a temper to complicate matters… which choose not only who we are but what we are for our lessons.

If you think back a mere 2,000 years and the hardship of life then… so many of us would have killed to survive or protect our crops and families, should it be imperative now at this precise moment for you to save someone you love by killing or allowing another to die, and have not a second to think about it… would you let someone die or kill them?

This is why it is said “Judge not lest ye be judged” because we cannot ever know in this limited place exactly the whys, wherefores of a person’s life and their actions and reasons for them.

They may not fully understand themselves but to apply the earth law when a spiritual one says “this is a kindness, a repayment for the intertwined lives you both had 3,000 years ago and it must be” who are we to say this is wrong? We are not fit to judge ourselves let alone others in this complex situation.

All we can do is do our own best, do it in love and light, and for the right reasons, help all those we can and understand more fully when we get over whether we have passed our self set tests ourselves.

There is no one to judge us… we only judge ourselves and that is why it is so poignant. When we get over we know right from wrong what is most important is the intent; if we had to shoot someone that is killing so many and we have saved so many more, is it right to do? Think how many you have saved by that act? And yet killing on many levels for us is wrong… how do we consolidate that? Again without all knowledge which we can never attain in this life, we cannot ever say.

Light, always, Leo.