In answer to this statement:- “My experience and understanding is that doorkeepers, guides, guardian angels are not around everybody. It all depends on the level of awareness and whether you work with spirit.”  

Hi, everyone has a doorkeeper/guardian angel/guide whatever name you wish to give it.

 If not negative spirits would run riot in the world and then what would happen to free will? How could we plan a life and try to do good or have any kind of experience, if it is all subverted?

 It would of course be a very downward path and over many thousands of years would there be any point in trying to plan a good and giving life or any in fact any experience knowing that there is a 99.9% of a chance of it going wrong?

 Everyone has guides and it is up to us to speak/acknowledge them and even more importantly communicate with our own soul.

 It is the soul that knows what we/you have to do here, it is the soul that should be guiding not the ego, it is the souls purpose and intent for the incarnation and its learning and experience.

  If nothing could be planned with knowledge of the certainty of experiencing what is planned, whatever could be the point in incarnating here?

 Light, always, Leo.