A psychic vision so accurate the psychic was arrested.

I have read in the March edition of the Spirit Messenger of A “psychic” vision so accurate the psychic was arrested.

The Psychic Etta Louise Smith from California had vision from an early age and like so many good mediums and psychics, this may have stopped for a relatively short time but carried on into adulthood.

It wasn’t until Etta was 32 that she had the experience of being drawn to a news bulletin of the disappearance of a nurse, Melanie Uribe.

The reason that I bring this up is twofold, it could be used as an example against the dwindling sceptic minority because if the police are that convinced about the evidence given they want to prosecute well that’s quite something! And then Etta Louise Smith successfully sued them for false arrest.

Etta Louise Smith successfully sued them for false arrest.

I do think that if the evidence is that good, although incorrect police interpretation, then that is quite something to shout about isn’t it?

Many “cold cases” are being solved by “psychics” or mediums and I have been told – please correct me if I’m wrong, that evidence given by psychics is allowable in American courts, not as “evidence” in itself but the production of that evidence leading to conclusive evidence and conviction and once again, if it is good enough for the courts and good enough to convict a person and of course in some states for the person to be given the death penalty, then that should surely be good enough for sceptics surely? Or, are they going to try and make the legal system disreputable too in their push to further their claim they are correct?

In this context not only hands but fingerprints have been left by materialised spirits and as we know, a fingerprint in a murder case is good enough to convict a person even with the death penalty wherever that may occur, and then just exactly why is that not good enough for sceptics? It just goes to show how ridiculous sceptic arguments can be.

Sceptics do have their place, fraud can be and has been discovered, perhaps we ourselves together with an independent, truly independently body should police this? This is a fine quote and one I uphold and concur with …Scepticism is not a problem, but hostility is!What is required is proper scepticism not debunkers because debunkers debunk at any cost, not only making themselves look foolish but they may create doubt where there is none. So many sceptics (Debunkers) have ridiculed so much of what we take for granted today… They openly laughed at the fact that planes could fly and that radio waves could produce pictures just two things we take for granted today, flying and television!

Of course it is widely known too that they (pardon the pun) flatly refused to admit the Earth wasn’t flat either!

The late Helen Duncan.

Another fact, a sad one, is of the late Helen Duncan, and while Churchill himself was inclined towards spiritualism the fact the absolutely top secret information that only a few including Churchill, the secret service and some top ministers had the same information – that the Bareham had been sunk, that they were on the evidence proceeded, absolutely one hundred percent convinced that there was a spy to be caught…

That “Spy” suspect was of course Helen Duncan. So once again we can shed a different light on the Helen Duncan episode, which of course killed her through the “Snap back” of ectoplasm into her body, what would sceptics make of the fact that something so top secret, so crucial to the war effort was so empirically correct that it raised alarm bells at the very highest quarters of a country on its very highest alert, if they were convinced of the evidence, how come sceptics can be?

It raises interesting questions and for me and is another defence to the slights that are thrown not only at us as a community and individually that if what we know to be true is acted seriously on by the government, by law enforcement agencies of all kinds, then why is that not good enough for those who listen to debunkers to try to be convinced?


I have copied some of this evidence below  and provided links.

Light, as always, Leo.


Physical Mediumship is a very rare and wonderful form of Mediumship.

With the permission of the Spirit controlling the physical séance, melted wax has been put over a materialised hand, allowed to solidify, and the Spirit then withdrawing their hand even though the wrist is narrower than the hand. Plaster of Paris has afterwards been poured into the wax mould to make an exact replica of the materialised hand, even showing the fingerprints! However, the plaster-casts are not always full size but can be smaller where the psychic energy in the séance room was insufficient!

Examples of such plaster-casts are on display at the Museum of Spiritualism in The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Essex, UK. …Also Spirit writing found on the inside of two slates bound together, the authenticity of which confirmed by independent external examiners. Photographic plates likewise exposed by Spirit still within the camera! These many phenomena are facts, so even if you don’t believe the Spiritualist explanation, they do prove that matter is not as real and solid as one might sense!   …They are witnessed phenomena that actually happen; quite distinct from any analysis or explanation thereof.   …What is actually witnessed cannot be called ‘pseudo-science’!


For this full article go to http://www.survivalafterdeath.info/articles/baird/fingerprints.htm

It was not long before another very peculiar application was suggested. One day a bent up elderly man appeared in the board room. He was a professor and a distinguished entomologist and he had a very strange story to tell. It appeared he had been called in to investigate the activities of a medium called “Marjorie”, this was the name the medium was known by, although more strictly speaking it was the name assumed be her controlled spirit. The earthly “Marjorie” was a respectable married lady who in early life had lost her only son in tragic circumstances. This boy “Jack” one morning in a fit of depression had gone into the bathroom and cut his throat, leaving the razor with bloodstained thumb marks on the floor; this razor had been locked away untouched. “Marjorie” was heartbroken and in an effort to speak again to her son joined a spiritualistic circle. Here she was discovered to have astounding mediumistic powers.

In the darkened silenced room of the spiritualistic circle she sank into a trance; in this state her body extruded from its orifices a strange vapour called ectoplasm. This extraordinary substance floated about her like a cloud and was of such a fine and mysterious nature that it could be used by the spirits to build ectoplasmic bodies. It was now that the spirit of Jack her departed son appeared and made his presence felt. Not only did he speak and answer questions, but he used the ectoplasm to materialise his hand and shook hands with the audience, wrote messages and moved objects and did all that a hand floating in space could do. It was at this stage of the proceedings that the professor was called in as an independent scientific observer to test and report on these astounding phenomena.

He approached the whole matter with complete scepticism, and went to work with the careful thoroughness of a highly trained observer. He was however badly handicapped as all manifestations had to take place in a completely dark room, ectoplasm being highly sensitive to light which instantly destroys it, with dreadful results to the medium, profuse bleeding and even death – such was the tale. Nevertheless, the professor persevered, the mystic hand materialised and the professor shook hands with the ectoplasmic manifestation. The hand, he said, felt hard and cold like the skin of a serpent, but of its existence there was no doubt.

Then he was truck with a really brilliant idea, no two thumb prints were alike, why not get Jack’s ectoplasmic hand to make a finger print and compare it with the prints on the carefully preserved razor. This extraordinary experiment was carried out, Jack was readily persuaded to press his ectoplasmic hand on a piece of carefully prepared with wax. The prints so produced were compared with those on the razor and they were identical.
I agreed at once to take part in this and he went off to arrange matters. I never saw him again. He was killed in a motor accident. A spiritualist told me that this was undoubtedly the action of the spirit forces and the result of his effort to pry into sacred secrets.

This was not, however, the end of the matter. Sometime afterwards a caller arrived at the company’s office with an invention for me to examine. It was a little electric motor controlled by a tuning fork. He had it with him but had some difficulty in making it run properly. I suggested he should come back when the troubles were overcome. He rose to go and as a parting shot said: “Would you care to have definite and irrefutable evidence of the survival of the personality after death?” I said, “Yes, I would give everything I possessed for such evidence”. “Well” he said, “I can give it to you if you do not mind making the journey”. I said “I would go to the ends of the earth for such a cause”. “There is no need for that” said he, “you only have to go to West Wimbledon”.

This was arranged and I duly arrived at the above address given, a small highly respectable villa; here I was welcomed by a party of elderly ladies and gentlemen and given tea. Then the medium arrived, a neurotic nervous looking woman of about 35. We trooped up to the séance room. Here there was arranged a circle of chairs and in the centre of this a small box like a sentry box, draped in black, provided with a chair. The medium was handcuffed to this chair. The audience sat round on the other chairs provided, each person held a hand of each of his neighbours and put a foot on one of his neighbours feet, so that any undetected movement of hand or foot was impossible. Lights were then extinguished. The leader, an impressive elderly gent with dies whiskers, then led the singing of a hymn, “Tis a beauteous belief that spirits round us throng”. This was followed by a prayer. Then darkness and silence, broken only by a mysterious steady humming sound, which I learned afterwards came from an electrical tuning fork. The rhythmic sound was found to assist manifestations (also possibly to mask any noise made by the medium).

we waited and waited, the darkness and silence had a most eerie effect, then the old lady next to me squeezed my hand and whispered in an awestruck whisper, “look, it’s coming”. Sure enough in front of the booth, faint and almost invisible, a wavering purple coloured cloud was forming. It grew denser and then the silence was broken by the irregular tapping of a morse key; the spirit was signalling by tapping in the morse key; the spirit was signalled by tapping in the morse code. The message was directed to me and it came from no less a personage than Thomas Alva Edison. Edison had, it appeared been experimenting with noctovision in his home in the astral plane, and he was convinced that it would in time prove of great use in assisting communication between the living and those who had passed over, but the time was not ripe, and to attempt to use it now would incur grave danger. He was however continuing his research and would communicate with me when the time came to use noctovision. Here his message stopped and Edison left and gave place to another control called Lilly.

Lilly was more domestic in her messages and gave detailed advice to one of the circle upon what to do for he rheumatism and how to handle various family troubles. I remembered that I had a lunch appointment and time was passing, and so I whispered to the leader that I had an engagement and if he would excuse me I would slip out. A horrified whisper replied to me, “If you move you may be struck dead”.

I murmured that under the circumstances I would wait, however, the spirits took the hint and a few minutes afterwards heavy groans came from the medium. She was coming out of the trance, and the lights were turned up. The leader hurried into the box with a large glass full of something hot and steaming, and soon the medium was sitting up looking about her in a dazed way. I slipped out, bade a hurried and apologetic good-bye and arrived at the Dieu Donne restaurant nearly an hour late.

My guests, two hearties from Scotland, were still waiting, drinking beer over lunch. I told them where I had been and what I had seen. “It seems all tosh to me”, said Mr. B. “I wonder how sensible people can waste time with that nonsense”, said Mr. M. “Well”, I said, “What about Sir Oliver Lodge, Conan Doyle and other men of similar standing, you can’t brush them aside with vulgar noises”. “Oh,” said Mr. B., “they are people who are perfectly sane except on one point. I once knew a man who was not only sane, but extremely clever, but he was under the delusion that one of his legs was made of glass”. “It’s not that” said Mr. M.,” old Lodge and these other boys wanted to get into the limelight, the press won’t give any prominence to their ordinary activities, but they get a good show for spooks, the public will always read about spooks. Of course the whole thing is a lot of damned rot”.

I might have agreed with them but I have witnessed some very startling phenomena under circumstances which make trickery out of the question – and also unfortunately publication. I am convinced that discoveries of the far-reaching importance remain waiting along these shadowy and discredited paths.

The Kluski Hands Moulds.

The Kluski Hands Moulds  for the full article please go to http://www.metapsychique.org/the-kluski-hands-moulds.html

Proceedings of the 45th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association (p.370-380). Paris, August 2002
Par Mario Varvoglis

The Institut Métapsychique International (IMI) was born in 1919, in the heyday of spiritualism, with the explicit objective of conducting in-depth investigations of claims of the paranormal. The first formal studies were undertaken with Franek Kluski, a physical medium reputedly capable of producing detailed ectoplasmic materializations of animal or human forms.

In their investigations, the IMI researchers were above all aiming to obtaining Permanent Paranormal Objects (PPOs), i.e., objects which constitute indisputable evidence for a paranormal phenomenon. The sessions were designed by IMI director Dr. Gustave Geley, the neurophysiologist and nobel-prize winner Charles Richet, and the Count de Gramont of the Institute of France. They employed an adaptation of a method earlier introduced by spiritualists, in which paraffin was used to obtain a wax mould from the materialized ectoplasmic forms.

The sessions were held at the institute’s laboratory, locked from within once the medium and sitters entered. During the sessions, which took place in low red light, all sitters locked hands. Sitters on either side of Kluski gave frequent verbal reports, confirming their certitude that they are holding the medium’s hand. Kluski himself remained immobile throughout the séance, apparently in a light or deep trance.

The main experimental material was a tank placed 60 centimeters in front of the medium, containing a 10-cm layer of liquid wax that floated on electrically heated water. The medium’s task was to materialize ‘ectoplasmic hands’, mentally direct these toward the liquid paraffin, plunge them into the paraffin for a minute or so, and then deposit the paraffin ‘gloves’ next to the researchers. When sessions were successful, the resulting gloves were used to create more solid plaster moulds, the wax layer being removed by dipping the moulds into boiling water. Seven moulds of hands, one of a foot and one of the lower face were produced in this manner. The hand moulds took on various positions and were child-sized, yet they exhibited detailed markings of adult hands.

Two possibilities for fraudulent production are examined : wax moulds produced by sleight of hand during the séances, and moulds prepared in advance and surreptitiously smuggled into the laboratory. Both of these appear highly implausible. The controls introduced during the sessions and the size of the moulds exclude their fraudulent real-time production. The hypothesis that they were prepared in advance is also rejected because of a control introduced by the experimenters : ‘identifier’ chemicals were secretely added to the liquid paraffin just prior to the séances, and were subsequently detected in the actual paraffin gloves. Unless one assumes widespread experimenter fraud, the conclusion seems inescapable that the Kluski wax gloves are genuinely paranormal, constituting evidence for an extraordinarily developed form of psychokinesis.