I have been asked the question “How would a sceptic benefit from trying to disprove the afterlife, that mediums are fraudulent and would the impact be long lasting?”

 The answer that came is this, the greater part in speech marks is channelled:-

 This control is exerted from many angles. From governments all who have a lot to lose – this is despite the acknowledged fact that they pay millions individually each year into its research and support mainly of course for their own negative benefits. We must add to these, pharmaceutical companies, arms manufacturers, war mongers, religious organisations all who wish to exert control for self interest.

 The main thrust really is that if people generally realise that spirit is real that they have freedom they then have choices to make, informed decisions not only about the honesty of their respective governments but the religious institutions and above all the honesty in science which encompasses, medicines and the whole pharmaceutical industry, the ravages of pollution and the systematic abuses of populations through slavery, prostitution, murder and of course the absolute wrong of the death sentence which intrinsically is wrong.

 Not everyone will see or change their minds, there will still be the mentally ill who really do not know right from wrong, there are those who are here to experience criminality in all its forms and this is a place of learning lest we forget however, the majority of those who will understand the spiritual aspects of life will know that good deeds will also be rewarded along with the bad.

 I truly believe that this knowledge will change the world and this is spirits will that “people will understand” giving the chance to discover the truth, together with this the great relief from the stress and misunderstandings of passing and the real reason why we experience this life, our will in conjunction with the creator spirit will change this world will to a great extent those kinds of fears will evaporate…

 Can you ever imagine politicians that are truly spiritual? That are doing the most important jobs through spiritual ascension (as far as a human can ascend which is not very far actually) Genuine, honest politicians and leaders? Is this a dream to far?

 I would not be a politician for all the wealth in the world, today politics is intrinsically tainted, geared towards reward for the individual against all the interests of the majority… If they can truly understand the great damage that is done the greatest burden they carry… we lament the great atrocities of which we all know, remember and abhor yet one selfish decision today in withholding solutions and creating more misery affects billions across the world in one swift action, do they not understand this?

 Don’t they understand that burden that they will carry through in passing? I would not be in their shoes yet, they can make those changes reverse. What a world we could build with true knowledge, understanding, honesty and integrity.

 In 20 – 30 years this world will be very different and working together we can change the world…

 “This is my wish, my life and the wish of spirit. Spirit laments the constant negative reworking of the advantages we have made. The tide has turned, the tide is against them and all good, right thinking people of the world can unite and if it is to be, learn about the real state of things to fight passively for all our rights to live as free souls in this world, to effect to a great degree those within it in finding their true paths so most can live in peace and harmony. Sceptics have less of a voice now.

 This is my pledge, my path and my life, to stop all hurting and manipulation for mere money because the only true wealth is the wealth of spirit, of the soul, of the creator. Come together to gently express this other side of life for all to see but most of all be your own shining example of the goodness of your own soul, so we together can change the world for the better.

 In your lifetimes we can make these changes, willed and worked for by spirit, for our best interests. There is no coincidence in the rise of spiritual vibration, it is pushed by spirit fed up with our constant falling back, we should reward their patience by our acknowledgement of our blessed understanding, our compliance in the knowledge that we need not be subservient to each other but show the love that so many are frightened to show because some see it as weakness… the world has already changed, look around at the strength of the people, their gathering to fight against the injustices of this world so that we can all truly be free, soul free, to exist and help all others.

 Hard line sceptics are fighting against all of this because it is all interconnected…

Sceptics have traditionally gone against most of the inventions we take for granted today…

 We would be in the equivalent of the medieval age if sceptics had their way. Any organisation that has to lie, cheat and alter the truths and history has to be wrong full stop.

 There is no other way but to fight for the light, the light of truth, the light of common sense any organisation, political, scientific or religious that has to alter truth to “get ahead” intrinsically knows that it is wrong in its suppositions and meaning of its existence…

 They (sceptics) are supported by those who are self interested in making huge profits and gaining power through manipulation and causing great karmic harm and vengeful retribution.

 Should these individuals (politicians and those who hold power) gain knowledge that may lead to them literally seeing the light, rescue their own souls and make the kind of changes they are really born for…”

 Petre… A guide. Blessed is he who works for the light.


Light to all, always, Leo Bonomo.