A meeting with Stewart Alexander.

Last night 20/3/2015 I was privileged to meet the wonderful Stewart Alexander at Gilberts Sanctuary run by the wonderful Susan Filer.

It’s down near Portsmouth.

Stewart gave a wonderful recollection of memories from his early childhood experiences right up to present day and the humbleness and his enthusiasm is so infectious!!!

You cannot help to wonder that in approximately 70 years his enthusiasm is so strong and that is such a wonderful thing. Stewart has seen and experience so many wonderful things, incredible things that some may view as small miracles. Stewart not only has his book out

Stewart Alexander.

An Extraordinary Journey.

Subtitled The Memoirs of a Physical Medium.” I highly recommend this book it is I consider an essential for those who are interested in any aspect of physical mediumship or the history of it.

In addition to those is the most wonderful set of recordings of memories from various people who were actually at physical séances and their true recollections of what happened. All of have now recorded their real experiences have now all passed on themselves and so this is a real piece of history in the making. Amongst the reco0rdings are sittings with Helen Duncan, Mrs Gladys Osborne Leonard and those who know their history will recall these well known names.

Ivy Northage is also there and I was privileged myself to have been at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain for eight years or so when Ivy amongst others were there too.

Stewart is himself a history maker having known, met and worked with so many people who are indoctrinated themselves in Spiritualist history. here is a link to hear Stewart talk about some of his experiences… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTS1VI_hdTE

It was a wonderful experience and so many wonderful people there too. I great big Thank you to Susan Filer who runs the sanctuary, well done 🙂

Light to all, always, Leo.